Ireland 2013 : Ryan Dolan performs “Only Love Survives” live


(Photograph Courtesy of Ryan Dolan Facebook)

Ryan Dolan has hit the road promoting his song “Only Love Survives” for the Eurosong Final. He performed at one of Ireland’s largest gay night clubs “The George” in Dublin last Saturday.

Accompanied by his 2 male backing dancers, he gave an energetic and strong performance of his song “Only Love Survives” to the delight of the crowd gathered. Ryan will be doing more promotion around the country and we will keep you up to date with all the news.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Patrick Mooney)

We can also reveal that Zoe will be performing her song “Fire” at The George this coming Saturday.

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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    • I think they will be fine in Sweden Benin. The RTE studios where the Irish National Selection is not a good sound studio. Even if you look at Jedwards performances in 2011 and 2012 in RTE – they were fine come Eurovision

  1. SO PROUD OF HIM BEING FROM TYRONE TOO 😀 Fantastic singer, performer and Colm and Alan are amazing dancers too :’)

  2. He certainly can sing! 🙂 The choreography is a bit ott for me, but it would work on the eurovision satge for sure, just wondering about how it will pan out on the late late? Also, Zoe alexis preformed ”fire” at the dragon in Dublin, video is on youtube.

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