Bulgaria 2013 : Returning Eurovision Stars to ESC 2013


(Photograph Courtesy of muzyka.interia.pl)

The “Water” runs free as Elitsa & Stoyan are invited back to Eurovision by the Bulgarian National Broadcaster BNT. The duo have represented Bulgaria at Eurovision back in 2007 and achieved the country’s best result ever by finishing 5th in the final.

(YouTube Video courtesy of enurion)

After Eurovision last year in Baku, BNT sent a survey to the journalists who attended the contest – Eurovision Ireland included – asking for our opinions on what would make a good act and song for Bulgaria. A dynamic song with ethnic and modern fusion sung in Bulgarian and English was the response that BNT received. That then led them to look to Elitsa & Stoyan for their assistance again in 2013.

The duo will submit 5 songs to an internal jury who will decide on 3 entries that will then go onto a National Final. The 3 final songs will be aired on the “Nedelya х 3″ TV show on the 17th of February. Videos and recording of the songs will be made available to BNT and their partners to be broadcast for the following 2 weeks.

A national final will then take place on March 3rd where the winning song will be decided on a 50/50 split vote between the Public and Jury.

Since their Eurovision success in 2007, Elitsa & Stoyan have been touring extensively and performing live. They have been to Dublin on several occasions where I have had the pleasure to witness their ethnic/dance/percussion inspired music.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of mentobg)

Could this be what is in store for us at Eurovision 2013 – we certainly hope so.

Source BNT and Eurovision Ireland

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