Azerbaijan 2013 (RESULT) – Another Finalist Selected

Bulvar (Primorsky Park Promenade) Baku Azerbaijan Eurovision 2012 Martin Baker Photography

(Photograph Courtesy of

Another finalist was selected for the Azeri National final in possibly the closest heat to date of Milli Secim Turu 2013.

As we had predicted we had a male winner and again as we had predicted it was Fərid Məmmədov. You may remember that last Monday night Fərid did an amazing performance of Donny Montell from Lithuania‘s “Love Is Blind” and even did several back flips without missing a note.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Azeurovision)

One could be very tempted to say that Azerbaijan could be on the brink of sending their first solo male performer to Eurovision if Fərid can keep putting in such strong performances. He certainly is popular with the Azeri audiences.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Azeurovision)

Tonight another 9 contestants take to the Milli Secim Turu stage for Eurovision Night.

Source – Eurovision Ireland Azeurovision and

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