Eurovision National Finals 2013

Ireland 2013 : Full Song Titles and Artists



(Photograph Courtesy of RTE)

The complete song titles and composer details are now available. 

  • Kiss Me There” – Composer Drax. Performer Kasey Mentor Mairéad Farrell.
  • “Son Kez/The Last Time” – Composed by Hugh O’Neill and Sinead Bradley (Arranged by Tevfik Kulak)  Performed by Inchequin. Mentor by Shay Healy.
  • “Crashing Down” – Composer Robert Grace. Perfromer Aimée Fitzpatrick. Mentor Mark McCabe.
  • “Fire” – Composers Lauren White, Niall Mooney and Willie Weeks. Performed by Zoe Alexis Bohorquez. Mentor Niall Mooney.
  • “Only Love Survives” – Composers Wez Devine and Ryan Dolan. Performed by Ryan Dolan. Mentor Stuart O’Connor.

The public will hear the the five songs for the first time tomorrow on the Mooney Radio show on RTÉ Radio 1 from 16:00 CET.

We will post the link for you tomorrow so you can tune in. 

Source – RTE

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  1. After listening to all of the songs I think is the best national selection we have had since 2011 😉 I think that we should send either Zoe or Aimee to eurovision I bet both would do well 🙂 Very happy dotdog right now!!! 😀

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