Eurovision 2012

Eurovision Song Contest amongst 10 Most Watched Programmes in Ireland 2012

Newly released consolidated figures show that The  Eurovision Song contest ranked amongst the   Top 10 programmes broadcast by any channel available in Ireland in 2012

Most Irish Viewers watched it on local broadcaster RTÉ Television. This statistic was extremely significant given that RTE , mostly a terrestrial station in 2012  and the majority of  TV homes  subscribe to some form of digital service.

Irish top 20 Watched programmes

Top 20 programmes 1st January to 31st December 2012 all channels. Picture Courtesy fo

What does this mean?

  • Eurovision has not lost its popularity in Ireland and continues to provide family entertainment year on year across the nation
  • Advertisers and Marketers should pay attention to the huge popularity of  Eurovision in Ireland and Europe for that matter as an excellent way for reaching a mass audience.
  • As the official Page for Eurovision news from Ireland in tandem with the RTE, it’s welcome news for us. With a growing Global online audience week after week and a growing subscription list across our Social media channels,  the team here in can safely say we are not surprised at the way things are developing. ranks amongst a host of European sites that can provide easy online access to companies looking to tap into this  significant audience.

Being Irish, our site stands out a little due to our Irish Diaspora . We have seen our global audience include regular and growing readership from Australia & New Zealand, the Far East and The United States  given the unique reach of our Irish emigrés  across english speaking countries.

If you are curious about our reach and viewership figures or interested in reaching a global Irish Eurovision audience with strong content marketing,  contact us at

Author/Website Creator and Assistant Editor Elish Bul-Godley

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