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(INTERVIEW) – We meet Brigitta Haukdal – Icelandic Finalist and Eurovision Contestant

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Today we are delighted to talk with the talented and (if you don’t mind me saying) beautiful Birgitta Haukdal who will be performing in the Icelandic National Final Söngvakeppnin 2013  this Saturday with the song ‘Meðal Andanna’.

Firstly Birgitta congratulations on being selected for the Icelandic Eurovision National Final with your stunning song ‘Meðal Andanna’.

“Thank you so much”

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Q – We all fondly remember you from Eurovision 2003 and “Open your Heart” is still a Eurovision Fan Favourite. What are your lasting memories from your experience at Eurovision?

A -“The experience was amazing and I had a great time in Riga. I remember how relaxed I was on stage and how much I enjoyed it but how NERVOUS I was in the green room. It is like I was in a nervous coma …hahaha.”

Q – You are back in the Iceland National Final with the song ‘Meðal Andanna’. Can you tell us why you decided to return to Eurovision and why now?

A -“Well it was not a big plan. I was making music with good friends and we made a good song that we thought would be perfect for Eurovision and decided to give it a go. Why not ;-)”


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Q – ‘Meðal Andanna’ is a beautiful song. Could you tell us what the song means to you?

A – “I love dramatic songs. My latest album “Straumar” has a lot of them. There is something about this song that speaks to me. The lyrics are really dark but turn in to lights in the end and I love that.”

Q – The song was collaboration with several composers. How do you manage a creative process like that – was it a challenge?

A – “No actually not. Well a lot was made through the internet of course since we are living all around the world ..haha..but we feel that we work well together and understand each other which is really important when you make music.”

birgitta burqas

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Q – On your song writing team you have 2 fellow Irish men – Michael James Down from Ireland – and Jonas Gladnikoff (who we class as a honary Irish Man due to many entries for Ireland and Interest in our National Final). How did you come to meet and work with both Jonas and Michael?

A – “We actually meet on the internet. Michael wrote me an email and asked if I wanted to work with him and make music. And then through Michael I meet Jonas and Primoz.”

Q – Since Eurovision 2003 we know that you have been busy. Could you tell us what you have done?

A – “Wow it is a long time so I have been doing a lot since then. About 4 or 5 albums, musicals, tv shows, got married, had a son, moved to Barcelona…and more and more …hahaha.”

Q – How did you receive the good news that you had been selected for the Icelandic National Selection? What were you doing and what was your initial reaction?

A – “I was actually home in Barcelona working on my computer and drinking coffee. I was really happy and proud. Eurovision is so much fun and I had a chance to go back to Iceland and meet and work with my friends.”

Brigitta Haukdal Facebook

(Photograph Courtesy of Brigitta Haukdal Facebook)

Q – As the Final in Iceland is fast approaching, have you decided to change the staging of the song? How does that process work with the TV production team?

A – “We are really happy about our song and how it is on TV. We all work well together and I know the people at RUV so it is easy and going well. Of course we have to remember that the song is number 1 and then the TV ;-)”

Q – Did you know that Iceland is the most successful country at Eurovision who have yet to win the contest? What would it mean to the people of Iceland if you could win the contest and bring the competition to your home country in 2014?

A – I did not now that. For Iceland it would be amazing. But actually I am not sure if we have a big enough place to host it in?

Q – Thank you for your time today Birgitta. Can I finally ask you if you have anything to say to your fans across Europe and the readers of

             A – “Thank you sooooo much for supporting us and believing in me.  1000 kisses from Iceland
(YouTube Video Courtesy of eurovisionairtv)

We would like to wish you the very best of luck Birgitta in the Icelandic Final in Saturday with your song “‘Meðal Andanna’ – that will be performed 4th in the show . Thank you for “Opening Your Heart” to us today and maybe we can meet you again in Malmo later in the year.

Author/Website Founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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