Eurovision National Finals 2013

Ireland 2013 : Rumor Mill – Melanie McCabe Withdraws

Melanie McCabe

(Photograph courtesy of & X-Factor)

Who will be in the Irish Eurosong final 2013? Recently Eurosong mentor Mairead Farrell confirmed on Irish radio that former X-Factor contestant Melanie McCabe was her act for Eurosong 2013.

Today sources are claiming that Melanie has withdrew from the Eurosong final due to personal reasons. This would certainly be a blow to Mentor Mairead as she is a big Eurovision Fan herself and spoke passionately about having sourced Melanie for the Eurosong final.

We have reached out to Mairead to confirm the rumors and we will keep you updated.

Melanie came to prominence in the British X-Factor contest in 2011 and 2012.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of MelanieKateMcCabe)


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  1. Confirmed that Melanie has withdrawn from the competition. She contacted Mairéad Farrell at the start of the week and informed her she no longer wished to participate as she wants to concentrate on her Leaving Cert this summer.

    It seems like Melanie has left her mentor in the lurch, as she had already recorded the song and it was ready to go. Mairéad is now searching for a replacement singer.

      • I do wonder if Melanie is cut out for the tough business of showbiz as this is the second year in a row something like this has happened. She seems a really nice girl and perhaps she’s finding it all a bit too daunting.

        At least she did the right thing and withdrew in enough time for Mairéad to find a replacement singer.

        Another snippet of info is that RTE has given each act a budget of 8000 Euros to prepare their entry (presumably to pay for the song recording, promo video and staging).

  2. I do wonder if there is more to this than meets the eye, as she has withdrawn fairly late into the process. Perhaps Mairead or Melanie herself will shed more light on this in coming days.

    • We were supposed to have confirmation from RTE on the artists in Eurosong already and we believe that the withdrawl of Melanie is the reason for the delay. February 2nd is looking like the release date – or tomorrow. But we have predicted Zoe Alexis Bohorquez and Aimee already – and they are wonderful talent too

  3. If true, that would be the second time in a row she has withdrawn from Eurosong (she was due to sing backing vocals for Jedward last year but fell ill). I believe she is in sixth year in secondary school….perhaps that was a factor?

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