Eurovision National Finals 2013

Hungary 2013 : Amendment Made to the videos on the Official “A Dal” Website Hungary(Photograph courtesy of

Hungary will select their Eurovision entry for the 2013 contest through the show A Dal on MTV (Hungarian National Broadcaster). Yesterday MTV released all the entries on-line so the voting public could get to hear the songs for the first time. With 30 songs in contention it is necessary to make a good first impression.

In a mistake by MTV they put the incomplete/demo version of Monika Hoffman’s song “Hullocsillag” on-line. Luckily the composers having seen out post saw the mistake and have now provided us here at Eurovision Ireland with the complete and correct version of the song and have advised MTV to amend their website also.

Here is what Monika’s song should sound like. As we had said in out brief review of the songs early this morning, this is an amazing song from a stunning singer. It certainly has a Twilight feel to it and it would have felt totally at home on the soundtrack to the movie. A modern contemporary ballad. Now all the songs in A Dal are complete. Enjoy

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Michael Down)

Author/Website Founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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