Eurovision National Finals 2013

Hungary 2013 : MTV Presents the 30 Entries – Listen to songs and reviews


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Who will represent Hungary at Eurovision 2013? Well National Broadcaster MTV has released the 30 songs that will compete in the national selection called A Dal.

The 30 songs will be split into 3 heats of 10 songs. 6 songs will qualify from the heats – 3 voted by the jury and 3 by the tele voting public. This will create 18 songs that will then be split into 2 semi finals of 9 songs each. 4 songs will qualify from each semi final – 2 voted by the jury and 2 by the public. This will then result in the Final on March 2nd where the Jury will select what they believe to be the top 4 songs and the public will then vote on the 4 entries and crown the Hungarian winner.

To listen to all the 30 songs follow the below link – and you can mark each song out of 5 and see how it is comparing to the rest of the competion

The contestants are

  1. Völgyesi Gabi – A mid tempo ethnic/pop ballad from an accomplished singer
  2. United – A male duo with a funky 80’s retro song
  3. Vastag Tamás – A male soloist singing a piano led ballad. He has a good raspy rock voice
  4. Szabó Ádám – Another male solo singer. A well crafter mid tempo rock ballad.
  5. Rami – A female solo singer. A modern dub-step dance song
  6. Radics Gigi – A female singer with a Mariah Carey power mid tempo ballad.
  7. Rácz Gergő – A male solo singer. A catchy “Soul Train” sounding song with a rousing chorus
  8. Puskás Peti – Another male solo singer. A good American sounding college rock song. More of a ballad with some edge
  9. Polyák Lilla – A female solo singer. Up beat electro dance track that will have people dancing in the isles
  10. Palcsó Tamás – Male singer with a good quirky hip hop beat of a soulful song.
  11. Odett –  A Female solo singer with a well crafted modern mid tempo electro pop song that reminds me of British Band “La Roux”
  12. Mrs Columbo – If you like happy light jazz songs like Corinne Bailey Raei you will love this, love the scatting with the voices
  13. Mohamed Fatima – A striking solo singer. A techno Pop song sung with power and conviction
  14. Keresztes Ildikó – A rock song with light edges to soften it base more.
  15. Janicsák Veca 0- A Female artists that looks like a butterfly but stings like a bea with her vocals., Cahanges in pace and some operactic singers give the song depth,
  16. Kállay Saunders András – A devilish handsome singer that has a crystal clear voice. This Mid Tempo song coul have juries and public voting for him
  17. Hoffman Mónika – wonderful sounding female singer, Sounds like it should be in A Twilight Movie.
  18. Gyurcsík Tibor – A male band that have a sound and look like American Band Daughtry. So you know what you are getting especially when the high electro beat kicks in!!
  19. Flash Travel – A Three pieced Male band, A folksy pop rock band like “Willson Phillips” from the 90’s
  20. Fehér Zoltán – Male solo singer. A pure Rock n Billy style that Imelda May would kill to get her hands on this song.
  21. Éliás Gyula – A Male singer who starts singing a ballad and then the melody goes up serveral paces
  22. Cserpes Laura – Female soloist, Starts off as a slow ballad and then goes up another gear.Strong rock song.
  23. Bye Alex – a single man on the guitar with some great external sounds on the song, One to watch
  24.  A Malke Duo – Funky Jazz song with a strong beat and clapping secti0ns that resemble a gospel choir, Something for everyone to like
  25. Handsome young man who looks like he will be performing  on his piano, A gentle rock n roll song
  26. Burai Krisztián – A cute female singer that has her roots in Blues and Washington Trumpet Music,  Nothing else like it in the contest
  27. Bogi – An old  style song that could have been taken out of the 40/50’s. It has a charm to it.
  28. Baricz Gergő – A male soloist on a guitar. A simple song with a building concentration on the use of drums throughout it
  29. Background – Am second pop song with a Dub- Step beat to their perormance, One to watch.
  30. Agárdi Szilvi – Pál Dénes – An extra son g that we were not expecting form. A male and Female Duet. A somber song with a choral effect in parts – but never the less it grabs your attention

Overall a very strong selection from Hungary this year and they could make the final for a third time in a row,

Author?Website Founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source MTV Videotar


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