Eurovision National Finals 2013

Germany 2013 : Almost all the songs are released!

Flag of Sweden and Germany

Flag of Sweden and Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So who will Germany select for Eurovision 2013? Well we are getting closer to that decision – February 14th for all you Eurovision Lovers.

German Broadcaster NDR have released the full songs of almost all the contestants.

To listen to all the songs just click on the below link

Still as of yet LaBrassBanda with their song “Nackert” has not been released as well as the replacement song for The priests featuring Mojca Erdmann.

What is notable is that there is diversity abound in the German selection this year. From choral music, to jazz/funk to dance/club music – there is something there for everyone.

If I was to highlight a few songs for different reasons that you should listen to – I would say

  • Ben ivory – “The Righteous Ones”. A strong contemporary pop song sung by a fresh faced interesting character
  • Blitzkids Mvt – “Heart On The Line”. This is a strong German Club classic in the making. Visually strong performers too it may work well in Malmo
  • Cascada – “Glorious”. They have come under a lot of scrutiny by some on-line sites saying they are trying to copy Loreen‘s Euphoria in song style. Well this is a typical Cascada song – which they have been doing successfully for almost a decade now. This is another good song from the band that brought you ” Everytime we touch” and “Heaven” to name but  a few.
  • Mobilee – “Little Sister”. A great folk/pop song that is instantly catchy.

The host for the evening will be Eurovision Presenter form 2011 – Anke Engelke. So you can expect a fun evening to be had.

Source NDR

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