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Norway 2013 : First 7 songs presented in MGP and Solli-Tangen is Back!

Norway Flag

Norway Flag (Photo credit: williumbillium)

Tonight we had the first installment of  “MGP Direkte” from NRK as they presented the 7 acts that will take place in the first Semi Final of MGP to find Norway’s representative to Eurovision 2012.

There were some surprises to say the least

The 7 acts presented were

  1. Vidar Busk – “Paid My Way”
  2. Carina Dahl – “Sleepwalking”
  3. Tom Hugo – “Det Er Du”
  4. Gromth Featuring Emil Solli-Tangen – “Alone”
  5. Julie Bergan – “Give a little something back”
  6. Mimi Blix – “Catch Me”
  7. Datarock – “The Underground”

The 2 big surprises were song 4 Gromth Featuring Emil Solli-Tangen – “Alone” and Song 5 Julie Bergan – “Give a little something back”.

Gromth Featuring Emil Solli-Tangen – “Alone”

You may recognise the name “Solli-Tangen” as this is the surname of the Norwegian representative at Eurovision 2010. Yes Didrik’s younger brother Emil has entered MGP with bizarly a heavy metal rock band. Emil himself is a trained opera singer like his brother, so you can imagine the surprise when the audience heard him featuring on a heavy metal rock song. Interesting song and concept and you will either love it or loath it.

Julie Bergan – “Give a little something back”

A young attractive and powerful singer performing a contemporary song. However the interesting thing with this entry is that it is composed by Ben Adams who is part of former British Boy Band Band 911 – who are still very popular in Norway and even entered the Norwegian National Song Contest recently. This will ensure that Julie will gain a lot of votes and Ben was even interviewed himself – the only writer of the 7 acts to be there.

So the contest looks like it is a fight between Heavy Metal Opera versus British Boy Band Charm.

Who will win out?

Author/Website Founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source NRK

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