Eurovision 2013

Eurovision Semis Final Draw for 2013 – 2pm CET – Watch Live

Malmo Town Hall(Malmo Old City Town Hall – Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia)

Who will be in which Semi Final for Eurovision 2013?

That will be answered in less than 30 minutes time. At 2pm (CET) the Mayor of last years’ host city – Baku – Mr Hajibala Abutalybov – will hand over the Eurovision Insignia and Keys to Malmo’s Mayor, Kent Andersson. This is the formal acceptance of Malmo as the Host of Eurovision 2013.

Following this ceremony the all important draw for the semi finals will take place. This will decide what countries will take part in which semi final. Like this year’s Final – the complete running order of the show will not be made until all the entries have been submitted to the EBU. This will allow SVT the opportunity to create a running order that will allow each song to be show cased to the best of its ability.

You can look at the draw LIVE on-line at 2pm (CET) on’s web link – click below

In case you did not read the post yesterday from Keith Mills – there are certain connotations and permutations that we are hoping go Ireland‘s and all countries way, in the hope of getting a good chance at qualifying to the grand final.

So tune in at 2pm (CET) to see how it all pan out.

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