Denmark 2013 : Brinck is Back! Danish Songs Released


Brinck (Photo credit: Daniel Kruczynski)

Who will represent Denmark at Eurovision 2013? We got our first taste of what is in store at Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2013 when Danish Broadcaster DR announced the finalists in their national selection. Not only that but they gave us a 30 second clips for each of the songs.

The big news is that Brinck is back. You may remember Brinck from Eurovision 2009 with the song “Believe Again” that finished 13th in the final. It was also co-written by Irish Pop singer Ronan Keating. Well Brinck is back again to try for Eurovision 2013.

The 10 finalists are as follow – click on the link to listen to the clip of their song










A few quick observations

  1. There are 2 songs being performed in the native Danish language – always good to see some “”Skibet Skal Sejle i Nat”
  2. There is a distinct gap for a big power ballad in the clips that we have heard. “Only Teardrops” comes close to a Eurovision Ballad
  3. A good dollop of Skandi Pop that we have come used to
  4. No big rock song – Brinck would be the closest with his soft pop/rock song “Human”
  5. No overtly traditional Danish song in the final
  6. Song 5 by Daze- “We own the universe” is written by none other than Loreen’s composers of “Euphoria” – Boström and G:son. This could be the one to watch

It is always hard to make an opinion on a song until you hear it in its entirity, so we will have to wait until further clips are released. January 25th is when the Danish National will take place.

Source DN


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