Germany 2013 : Cascada release their German National Final entry

Dangerous (Cascada song)

Dangerous (Cascada song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The German National Final for their Eurovision entry took another big step forward today with the much-anticipated song from Euro multi selling artists Cascada and their Song “Glorious”. Was it worth the wait?

(YouTube Video Courtesy of tisdalerocks)

As we had expected this has a German Euro Pop beat to it. Like last year’s winner “Euphoria”, this has changes in pace and beats throughout the song but has a distinctive chorus that you cannot hide from. After 2 listens to the songs I was hooked and having the one word title “Glorious”,  will ensure a life long after Eurovision, even if it does not win the German National Final.

With a big following all over Europe could this be a winner for Germany again?

Another good entry in the German National Final – well done NDR!

Author/Website Creator and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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