Germany 2013 : Final Contestant Announced

Germany Mia

(Picture courtesy of Sony Music Germany)

NDR (The German National Broadcaster) finally announces the last act that will take part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 – Unser Song für Malmö show and it will be Mia Diekow.

I have known of Mia Diekow for some time now and she is a very interesting artist. Born in Hamburg in 1987, her music is very eclectic. She released her first album “Die Logik liegt am Boden” erschien on the 27th of July 2012 to much critical acclaim. Her music ranges from Pop to Rock to Electronic to RnB. I would compare her to a German Ellie Goulding.

What also makes Mia an interesting artist is that she is extremely visual in her creativity. She has written the story boards for a lot of her videos and as you will see they are highly amusing.

She is the last contestant in the German National Final and will perform the song “Lieblingslied” which I believe means “Favourite Song”

Here is a flavour of Mia’s songs and hopefully something to expect from her.

Firstly is her charming song “Herz”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of HamburgerBuntfunk)

Next we have the very funky “Black Beauty” which shows her musical diversity

(YouTube Video Courtesy of HamburgerBuntfunk)


The final listing of the contenders for the German National Final are as follows :

  • Ben Ivory – The Righteous Ones
  • Betty Dittrich – Lalala
  • Blitzkids mvt. – Heart On The Line
  • CascadaGlorious
  • Finn Martin – Change
  • LaBrassBanda – Nackert
  • Mobilée – Little Sister
  • Nica & Joe – Elevated
  • Die Priester feat. Mojca Erdmann – Ave Maris Stella
  • Saint Lu – Craving
  • Söhne MannheimsOne Love
  • Mia Diekow – Lieblingslied

As of yet we still do not know what song Die Priester and Mojca Erdmann will perform as they are in the process of sourcing an alternative to “Ave Maris Stella“. When we find out more we will let you know. Eurovision Song Contest 2013 – Unser Song für Malmö will take place on February 14th.

Author/Website founder and Chief Editor – Garrett Mulhall

Source – NDR

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