Eurovision 2012

UK 2013 : Girls Aloud to Rylan to The Spice Girls to The Pet Shop Boys

P UK Flag

P UK Flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Speculation grows even further about who will represent the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2013 in Malmö. Rumours are still abound that Girls Aloud are in the running as they have failed to deny the reports when questioned.

Another name that has gained a lot of popularity is former X-Factor 2012 contestant Rylan Clark. So much so that UK Bookmakers William Hill have come out and said that it is time to send a good pop act that Europe can latch onto like that of Jedward for Ireland.

“Despite having some strong entries in the past few years, Europe have not quite latched onto our entries with the same enthusiasm as on these shores,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. “It may be time for Rylan to follow in Jedward’s footsteps.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 begins tomorrow on Ch5 in the UK and that will continue for a couple of weeks. Rylan is heavily rumoured to be a contestant and is even the favourite with the Bookmakers to be the winner despite the contestants not being announced until later this evening. After Big Brother Rylan is contractually booked to be part of the X-Factor Tour which will finish on February 28th here in Dublin – Just in time to record a Eurovision Song.

So for all our foreign readers who may not have heard of Rylan before, all I can say is that he was the entertainment factor on the X Factor show in 2012. He even defended the Eurovision to Judge Gary Barlow on one of the episodes. Vocally he may not be the best in the world but he would certainly charm the press and the public at Eurovision. Would the BBC be brave enough to put Rylan into Eurovision?

(YouTube Video Courtesy of TheXFactorUK)

Rumours are also building that The Spice Girls may look towards Eurovision. They are on the crest of a revival wave at present following their triumphant London Olympic Performance and the immense success of their “Viva Forever” West end show, that you have to ask yourself the question would they have the time or the wish to do Eurovision? However the appetite for them to compete is and has been there, for several years. Bookmakers are taking bets on them being asked to be the representative for the UK. Claims by the Spanish website that the girls have been asked to perform all the songs in a national final, have yet to be denied by the BBC

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see this on the stage in Malmö!

(YouTube Video Courtesy of olympic)

Finally the Pert Shop Boys have confirmed that the BBC have asked them twice to be the UK representative at Eurovision. They have declined due to commitments. Might it be a third time lucky. Again they are enjoying a revival at present with their shows in the O2 arena in London gaining massive critical and commercial success.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of rgmu101)

Will the BBC show conviction and get a big act for Eurovision this year?

Author/Website founder and Chief Editor – Garrett Mulhall 

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  1. Spice Girls and Pet Shop Boys? 🙂 That´s not winning receipt… Ryan seems to be a good choice. But BBC will send some old grumpy guy with horrible song. Just a wild guess… and we won´t vote for it!

    • Oh Spice Girls and Pet Shop Boys would be a great choice – as indeed Rylan would be. I tihnk after last year the BBC know that they have to spend a lot more time and effort on their selection. Englebert performed well on the night but it was not the right kind of act for Eurovision unfortunately. I think Rylan would be liked by Europe. What do you think?

  2. Claims about the Spice Girls by were a prank, Ded 28 is Fool’s Day in Hispanic countries.

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