Eurovision National Finals 2013

FYR Macedonia 2013: Very exciting combination for Eurovision selected.

Photo of Esma Redzepova - folk singer

Photo of Esma Redzepova – folk singer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Lozano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MKRTV, the national broadcaster of FYR Macedonia has announced their Eurovision 2013 plans. In a stroke of genius they have come up with a duo that on paper and video looks like it could be a credible and memorable Eurovision duo. Yes Esma Redzepva and Vlatko Lozanoski aka Lozano, will form a duo of generations and musical genres.

MKRTV announced that the duo would come together for Eurovision 2013. Their internal selection of song will be aired on a live Eurovision Show towards the end of February. So who are Esma Redzepva and Vlatko Lozanoski?

Esma Redzepva

Esma Redzepva is 69 years young and is a very well-known and beloved singer in FYR Macedonia and throughout the Balkan States. With 108 singles, 20 albums and 6 movies released ,this is a very busy woman. However in her own words her greatest achievement has been her fostering of 47 children and her numerous humanitarian projects throughout her life. She has been recognised both nationally and internationally for her charitable work.

Musically she has a very distinctive voice and her music would be described as traditional Balkan music. You really should look up her work as it is very impressive. Her best known song is one that you actually may recognise – Čaje Šukarije – as it appeared on the “Borat” movie sound track. Her she is performing “Čaje Šukarije”

(YouTube Video courtesy of mikimixx)

However this is not Esma’s first connection to Eurovision as she collaborated with the hugely successful  Macedonian singer Toše Proeski who represented the country in 2004 at the Eurovision in Istanbul. Toše died tragically in a car accident in 2007 at the age of 26 at the height of his career. Esma and Tose collaborated on the song “Magija/Čini” (Spells) in 2003 where the song went to number 1 in FYR Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia Herzegovina. So in a tribute to Toše and a possible hint as to what maybe in store from Esma this year, here is “Magija/Čini”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of janamare)

Vlatko Lozanoski

Vlatko is a very successful 27 years old singer from FYR Macedonia. His musical career began to ascend in 2007 when he performed in the talent show Mak Dzvezdi. Following this he went on to win the Macedonian Radio Festival called “Starry Night” which served as the launching pad for his singles – “Vrati Me” and “Obicen Bez Tebe” to name but a few. He has competed in many song contests throughout Europe and even tried to represent FYR Macedonia at Eurovision in their national selection in 2009. He finished 4th with the song “Blisku Do Mene”. A good rock singer so maybe this could be something to expect from Vlatko and Esma?


(YouTube Video courtesy of CounterStrikeBoK1)

So it looks like we will have a very strong and interesting collaboration on our hands from FYR Macedonia this year. When we hear more information on the release date of Esma’s and Vlatko’s Eurovision song we will let you know – Bravo MKRTV on the selection of 2 great singers.

Source MKRTV

Author/Website Founder and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

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