Ukraine – Finalists Announced – Can Zlata win this year?

Map of Ukraine with flag overlay.

Map of Ukraine with flag overlay. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Ukrainian Broadcaster NTU has completed their auditions as we had advised you some time ago. There were 52 candidates that a select panel held closed auditions. Here are the contenders for the final that will take place tomorrow evening.

  1. Pekun & Novitskiy
  2. Mariya Yaremchuk
  3. Marietta
  4. Dmitriy Yaremchuk
  5. Inesh
  6. Zlata Ognevich
  7. Emotion
  8. Gvozdivchanka
  9. Reallvanna
  10. Tatyana Shirko
  11. Trinity
  12. Ana Stesiya
  13. Alina Grossu
  14. Dasha Medovaya
  15. Lena Korneeva
  16. Angeliya
  17. Eduard Romanyota
  18. Matvey Vermienko
  19. DyOfylʹmy
  20. Dima Skalozubov

One name that you may remember is Zlata Ognevich who was the runner-up of the national selection in 2011

(YouTube Video Courtesy of ESC2011Germany)

The Ukrainian national final will take place tomorrow at 10:50 CET. As per tradition the winner will be selected by a 50/50 Public/Jury vote. 

Author, Website founder and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

(Source NTU)

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