Eurovision National Finals 2013

Albania – Another 9 acts for tonight’s Final

Albania Official Flag

Albania Official Flag (Photo credit: ShqiptaretNeFacebook)

Last night saw the second Semi Final of Festivali i Këngës 51 in Albania as they search for the Eurovision 2013 Albanian entry. 13 songs again competed and the below 9 songs qualified.

  • Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko – Identiet
  • Hersi Matmuja – Kush ta dha këtë emër
  • LNYX – Si ty askush
  • Anjeza Shahini – Love
  • Kelly – Ylli im polar
  • Bojken Lako – Lotë? Jetë? Dashuri?
  • Valon Shehu – Nuk do të ndal
  • Ani Çuedari – Më ler një ëndërr
  • Flaka Krelani – Tek ti në shpirt

Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko – Identiet

A good old fashioned rock song with an 80’s haircut to boot. Some great hooks calling for the audience to shout “Hey Hey”. You really feel the orchestra with this song backing up the electric guitar. Strong vocals. Good retro throw back song that the audience loved.

(YouTube Video courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

Hersi Matmuja – Kush ta dha këtë emër

A mid tempo “quirky” ballad that is different and helps to support your interest in the song. Hersi has a good voice – very radio friendly. It slowly builds with nice changes of pace in the song.

(YouTube Video courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

LNYX – Si ty askush

The cool boys have just arrived. In blue denim and shirts – that “just threw it on” look. A mixture of electro/rock music that seems to be popular in some of the national finals. A pleasant enough song that reminds me of those late 80’s and early 90’s Italian rock entries that we had at Eurovision.

(YouTube Video courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

Anjeza Shahini – Love

Well she is still a wonderful singer since she was Albania’s first entrant at Eurovision with “Vision of You“. This is a contemporary mid tempo ballad and you know that if it was translated into English would be very successful. The chorus is rousing and Anjeza’s vocals are even better now than ever. Those years at Eurovision have helped her perfect her stage performance and she was electric on camera. The audience went wild after her performance and rightly so. Very strong contender.

(YouTube Video courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

Kelly – Ylli im polar

Kelly is the type of performer that he could just sing the numbers is the telephone book out and people would melt. With a voice like that of Joe Cocker and Curtis Steigers and the looks of male model – he has it all. The raspy quality of his voice suited this rock ballad and his connection with the audience and the camera showed that he is a professional. Keep an eye on this song – oh and Kelly too

(YouTube Video courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

Bojken Lako – Lotë? Jetë? Dashuri?

A very deep voice that at the start of the song seemed to be so low that you could not hear it properly. Once the song got going his vocals improved. It is another rock ballad that didn’t seem to have enough variation to make it stand out in your mind. He is certainly a singer that immerses himself in his singing to the point that he almost didn’t open his eyes at all during the performance. One needs to make that connection with the tv audience if you are going to win votes.

(YouTube Video courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

Valon Shehu – Nuk do të ndal

Ballad fatigue is setting in at this stage in the contest. A mid tempo song from a good male singer. However it had nothing that made it stand out among the other “Mid Tempo Ballads”. A good rock edge to the song but I cannot distinguish it from some of the other finalists and that could be worrying at Eurovision.

(YouTube Video courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

Ani Çuedari – Më ler një ëndërr

Bravo – Something a little different. An up tempo slightly angry song sung by a young woman with a huge voice. Ani was styled with glitter down her right side of her face and wearing a dress you could see Helena Bonham Carter in. This injected a much-needed pace into the show and the audience loved it. I think that this could make the final if it gets to Malmö.

(YouTube Video courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

Flaka Krelani – Tek ti në shpirt

With a Quiff that would make Jedward proud, this was a return to ballad time. Flaka has a strong voice and knows how to sell a song. However the song left me feeling indifferent and I would fear that it might be the case if it went to Malmö. The song did finish on a good climax that I wish the entire song had as much umph.

(YouTube Video courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

And there you have it. 18 songs will compete tonight in the live final for the honour to represent Albania at Eurovision 2013 in Malmö. From tonight’s qualifiers i would say that there are 3 strong contenders

Anjeza Shahini – Love

Kelly – Ylli im polar

Ani Çuedari – Më ler një ëndërr

The final could see a battle between the returning Eurovision Divas.

Who do you think are the contenders?

Author, Website Creator and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

(Source RTSH)

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