Eurovision National Finals 2013

TURKEY – “We Could Be The Same” as Portugal and NOT BE IN MALMO!!!

English: Maps of Turkey with flag integrate Fr...

English: Maps of Turkey with flag integrate Français : Frontière de la Turquie avec drapeau intégré (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As Manga sang back in 2010 – Yes indeed TurkeyWe could be the same” and not be in Malmö for Eurovision 2013.

(YouTube Video courtesy of Eurovision House)

Reports are just emerging that Turkey have allegedly decided to withdraw from the contest but not for economic reasons.

According to the below report that I have tried to translate as best I could, Turkish Broadcaster TRT had announced back in November that they would be participating at Eurovision in Sweden in 2013. All seemed fine. Then details of changes being made to Eurovision were announced by Swedish Broadcaster SVT.

These changes seem to have been the catalyst for TRT’s Director General to make the decision to withdraw from the contest. The said grievances that TRT have against Eurovision seem to be under the following headings

  • They do not agree with the jury and public split vote at Eurovision and would like it to return to 100% Public vote
  • TRT believe that the reason the EBU reverted to a 50/50 vote was to aid the poorly scoring Direct Finalists like France, Uk, Spain and Germany
  • They Feel that the 100% Public vote was the cause of the increase in the viewing figures for Eurovision in Turkey since 2003 but the new voting is reducing their audience
  • TRT allegedly feel it is unfair for the Big 5 to bypass the Semi Finals and go straight to the finals

So as it stands at this moment on the TRT website it is being claimed that Turkey will not be in Malmö due to a protest against the EBU as opposed to Economic difficulties.

As Turkey have been a powerful member of Eurovision for the last decade will they sorely missed in Sweden at Eurovision 2013

What do you think?

(Source TRT Turk Website)

Author/Website Creator and Chief Editor – Garrett Mulhall


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  1. ok the whole 50:50 voting to aid the big 5 is a joke for a reason.
    Lena topped both the televote and the jury vote in 2010, France and Spain benefitted from the Televoting in 2010 also, again the televoting favoured Spain and The united kingdom in 2011 and the televoting favoured spain over the jury vote in the 2009 final. in 2012 Germany and The Uk done better in the televoting so that reason is a joke.
    While doing my research i have seen that Turkey has gotten lower points from the juries compared to the public voting every time, thats what Turkeys problem is i reckon.They are getting pissy because the juries are not scoring their songs higher.

    About the big 5 issue i see it like this. They are the 5 biggest contributors not only to the EBU but they pay the biggest participation fee’s consistently. i think that if any other country wanted to pay out that sum of money year after year then they should get the priveledge of being a big 5 country but the situation is that they dont. and it is true that the contest would fall apart if enough of them withdrew.

  2. Oh, of course the Turks would love to return to 100 percent televoting. Duh. They have far and away the strongest diaspora of any participating country – they’re one of the reasons the 50/50 split was introduced in the first place. And they still managed three top 10 finishes despite that, including a silver medal. I could understand if Macedonia or Poland complained about this, but Turkey? Really? Austria called, they want their w(h)ine back, TRT.

    The Big Five rule should of course be open to debate, but as it stands today, the competition probably wouldn’t survive the withdrawal of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, and you can be sure at least one of those countries would not be willing to subject themselves to a semi-final.

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