Eurovision National Finals 2013

Eurovision National Finals Calendar – Loreen Live

Who Will Follow Sweden and WIN Eurovision 2013

Who Will Follow Sweden and WIN Eurovision 2013

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So the X-Factor final took place last night – so now people can focus back on the REAL competition – Eurovision 2013!

So lot’s of our readers have been asking us when will the national finals across Europe take place? Let’s face it – Your Diaries are going to be very busy trying to keep up. So we have pulled together this calendar of Heats, Semi Finals, Finals and Official Presentations so that you can make sure that you are not washing your hair on any of these nights. So you have been Warned. As we approach each show we will make sure to keep you up to date and provide all the necessary web links to the shows. Please be conscious that not all countries as of yet have committed to when they will select – like The United Kingdom and Spain etc. Once we hear we will let you. With our first song for 2013 already selected it is only fair that we salute entrant number 1 – Belarus – Alyona Lanskaya – “Rhythm Of Love”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of maqqaq)

Now open up that I-Pad and put these dates in your calendar.

07 (Fri) – BELARUS FINAL (20:00 CET) – Winner: Alyona Lanskaya

Lithuania 08 (Sat) – Lithuania 1st Semi-Final (20:00 CET) – Public Vote Confirmed. Awaiting Jury Result

Lithuania 15 (Sat) – Lithuania 2nd Semi-Final (20:00 CET)

switzerland1 15 (Sat) – SWITZERLAND FINAL (20:10 CET)

Belgium 16 (Sun) – BELGIUM FINAL (10:30 CET)

Albania 20 (Thu) – Albania 1st Semi-Final

Albania 21 (Fri) – Albania 2nd Semi-Final

Albania 22 (Sat) – ALBANIA FINAL

Lithuania 22 (Sat) – LITHUANIA FINAL

Ukraine 23 (Sun) – UKRAINE FINAL

Finland 27 (Thur) – Finland Official Launch (20.00 CET)

January 2013

Finland 03 (Thu) – Finland 1st presentation (20.00 CET)

Finland 10 (Thu) – Finland 2nd presentation (20.00 CET)

Finland 17 (Thu) – Finland 1st Elimination (20.00 CET)

Norway 19 (Sat) – Norway 1st Semi-Final

Finland 24 (Thu) – Finland 2nd Elimination (20.00 CET)

Iceland 25 (Fri) – Iceland 1st Semi-Final

denmark  26 (Sat) – DENMARK FINAL (21:00 CET)

Iceland 26 (Sat) – Iceland 2nd Semi-Final

Norway 26 (Sat) – Norway 2nd Semi-Final (20.30 CET)

Finland31 (Thu) – Finland  Semi-Final (20.00 CET)

February 2013

Malta01 (Fri) – Malta Semi-Final

Iceland 02 (Sat) – ICELAND FINAL

Malta 02 (Sat) – MALTA FINAL

Norway 02 (Sat) – Norway 3rd Semi-Final

sweden 02 (Sat) – Sweden 1st Semi-Final (20:00 CET)

Latvia 08 (Fri) – Latvia 1st Semi-Final

Finland 09 (Sat) – FINLAND FINAL

Latvia 09 (Sat) – Latvia 2nd Semi-Final

Norway 09 (Sat) – NORWAY FINAL

sweden 09 (Sat) – Sweden 2nd Semi-Final (20:00 CET)

Germany 14 (Thu) – GERMANY FINAL (20:15 CET)

Austria 15 (Fri) – AUSTRIA FINAL (20:15 CET)

Estonia 16 (Sat) – Estonia 1st Semi-Final

Latvia 16 (Sat) – LATVIA FINAL

sweden 16 (Sat) – Sweden 3rd Semi-Final (20:00 CET)

Ireland 22 (Fri) – IRELAND FINAL

Estonia 23 (Sat) – Estonia 2nd Semi-Final

sweden 23 (Sat) – Sweden 4th Semi-Final (20:00 CET)

March 2013

Estonia 02 (Sat) – ESTONIA FINAL

Serbia 02 (Sat) – Serbia Semi-Final

sweden 02 (Sat) – Sweden 2nd Chance Round

Serbia 03 (Sun) – SERBIA FINAL

sweden 09 (Sat) – SWEDEN FINAL (20:00 CET)

May 2013

250px-Eurovision_Song_Contest_2013.svg  14 (Tue) Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final 1

250px-Eurovision_Song_Contest_2013.svg 16 (Thur) Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final 2

250px-Eurovision_Song_Contest_2013.svg 18 (Sat) EUROVISION SONG CONTEST FINAL

I think it would be highly rude not to close off this article without looking at the reason why we are all going to Malmö, Sweden next year. Yes the 2012 winning entry of the Eurovision – Loreen and Euphoria – like you have not seen it before.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Stockholm Pride)

Which National Selection are you most interested in this year?

Author/Website Creator and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

(Source National Broadcasters of the EBU and Eurovision Ireland)

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  1. I’m most excited about the 2nd semi of Sweden’s Melodifestivalen in Gothenburg because I’m gonna be there at it!! 😀 It’s gonna be a dream come true!

    I moved to Copenhagen this year and have been unbelievably lucky at the fact that ESC will be just a 20minutes train journey away from me in Malmö – and I will also be going to Eurovision itself with 3 friends from Germany,Finland & Sweden; we all got to know each other through ESC and will be meeting for the first time in May ^^, Exciting year ahead!

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