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English: Flag of Lithuania in the Eurovision h...

English: Flag of Lithuania in the Eurovision heart. Self made. Română: Steagul Lituaniei în inima Eurovision. Creaţie proprie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Never mind “Love Being Blind” – I think I might be having watched 3 thousand Lithuanian Heats in order to get to the FIRST Semi Final Tonight. But in fairness to Lithuania they always put on a great show each year to find their National entrant to Eurovision. Some countries could take note and see just how a small national like Lithuania can have such a wide and varied National Selection Process.

So the artists competing in the First Semi Final tonight at 8pm CET are as follows and you can watch live on line using the following link courtesy of LRT National Broadcaster. Read our reviews by refreshing the page. We are in for a good show


This is a great 80’s electro pop song and reminds me of something Alison Moyet, Yazoo or Erasure would sing. The singer is very intriguing and you find yourself drawn into her performance. I like this one a lot and see a wide appeal to it.

Potential at Eurovision 8/10


This is a dance track in the same vein as Loreen’s Euphoria though it does not have the same catchy memorable instant appeal. However by the end of the song I can remember the song. Neringa’s vocals are good and that is praise as she dances throughout the song. She has 3 men on stage with her – 2 of which dancers and also 2 female backing singers. It looks slick but some work needs to be done on the styling as it is a cross between Dynasty from the 1980’s meets a Swim suit

Potential at Eurovision 7/10


This is one of these performances that when I say the words “This is a mid tempo ballad” that people go to sleep. But Gabrielius really knows how to sing. He is a handsome young man who looks like he could be the 6th member of One Direction and for a man of such a young age he certainly knows how to perform to a camera and sell the song. This song builds and builds and has that all important Eurovision Key Change that is so important. This has the feeling that I got when I heard OTT Lepland singing Kula this year for Estonia. One to watch. I have just decided to give Gadrielius another 0.5 as he was that good so he now goes up to 9!!

Potential  9/10


I think you call this Geek Chic and they got a great make over that makes then look like the Beetles. They are a Blue Grass/Jazz Band. I was expecting a dance track since it is an ode to our Eurovision Queen Loreen. The song is chipper but something that I would expect to see performed by a young school band. They remind me a little of Lithuania’s entry in 2010 “Eastern European Funk” – catchy but they ruined it with the gimmicky dancing. However I love the sound of the harmonica – That is great and thankfully unlike Inculto back in 2010 they kept their trousers on. I think this might find it hard to compete in Malmo despite it being a pleasant Blue Grass tune. Maybe Dolly Parton might sing it and make a hit for you. PS – Lose the flowers from the guitars or just open up a Florist shop. I got hay fever just looking at them.

Potential 3/10

Just a note – The Panel of experts talk A LOT!!! I wish I knew what they were saying. And the internet connection is really difficult to maintain – almost as difficult for Lithuania to win the Eurovision – but some good songs this year could change that!


Well this just goes to show you how far reaching the influence is of Adele is throughout the world. It sounds like a mixture of “Set Fire To The Rain” and “Rolling in the Deep”. It was Elvina singing with her backing singers. Not a lot of interaction with the camera and the song has some attitude that she could sell so much more. It almost felt that she didn’t really want to be there. She needs to give it some more welly!! I do like the make over they have given her since the heats but they have a touch of the Latvia syndrome of 2012’s contest this year – they don’t really know how to style the artist correctly. The dull colour of the dresses don’t pop out from the screen and they appeal to neither a younger or an older voting population – Stranded.

I think this could get overshadowed at Eurovision

Potential 5/10


This is a song that I liked in the heats. Andrius sings a good pop song – not bubble gum pop music but more in the lines of good American Guitar Pop music. Let’s say along the lines of Matchbox 20 if anyone remembers them. He has a great voice and his English diction is very good. The chorus is very catchy and really lifts the song. Now in the finals he was alone on the stage in a Top Hat and Tails which looked all wrong. This time the stylist thought – what can we do to make him not look like he has just walked off the set of a West End musical –  I know Let’s take the hat off (good choice) and put him in a jumper, grey trousers and A SCARF!! How cold is it in the studio in Lithuania?? Again it was him on his own with little performance for a great dance/rock/pop song. This guys needs a band with him on stage. No dancers just a good young hip band and this could be much better. He needs to feel the words of the song and sell them better to the camera – but this is a good song and with me styling him – Leather jacket and jeans and a rock band this could do very well at Eurovision. POTENTIAL is the word

Potential 8/10

TIMOHI – Time For Life

The musical instrument of the year has to be The Accordion. Everyone seems to be using it. Even Belarus last night had one in their winning song. This time it is being played by a plucky young woman – and she knows how to play it as it takes centre stage in the song. It is one of those songs that is like “Marmite” – you will either love it or hate it. It is very catchy and I know that if I was in a bar looking at this song with a group of Lithuanian friends we would be having a great time. They have kept their same image from the Heats – which is a cross between 60’s Flower Power, Hare Krishna and Skin Heads – you hit a lot of demographics with that look. They would be more akin to a big festival band but I think this could do well. Think Moldova from 2011 but better – and the bare-chested shaved headed men will get the band a few extra votes. They are great fun!

Potential 7.5/10


Yes the dishy Gabrielius is back on stage with the cutest Ieva Zasimauskaite – who looks like the 90’s songstress Lisa Loeb. This is just a cute summer song and they have cutest performance ever. They work so well with each other on stage. A soft guitar pop song that is would easily be liked from Russia to Iceland. 3 backing singers sit on 3 stools and it all seems effortless. It is like a Taylor Swift pop song – and no matter if you like her or not she sells records and that is what the Juries are told to vote for – AND I LIKE TAYLOR SWIFT. It feels good to get that off my chest. This could be a Top 5 at Eurovision for sure

Potential – 9.5/10

BOŽOLĖ – Happy And Free

This is Glee meets The Kids from Fame. All very smiley and happy and punching the air. You want to dislike the song but you can’t as you know these kids will all go back to McKinley High without winning regionals. Even though the song is about being young and “Happy and Free” you still need to look like you just haven’t just walked out of Maths Class. This will go down well with all those who like Glee but will that be its downfall? Glee is sacred and you really should not do it unless you have had the help of “The New Directions”. A happy song that could just slip into the final at Eurovision

Potential 7/10


So there you have it – all songs performed and some great production values from LRT – Congratulations. I wouldn’t you know that when it is time for the results the website link goes down!!! So at this moment in time I cannot tell you what is happening. If I was to put money on qualifiers for the final I would say both of Gabrielius’ (the solo song and duet with Ieva) and then I liked Gerai and finally Andrius – Let’s see how this goes!!

Stay Tuned for the results

Source (LTR WebLink and Eurovision Ireland)

Author/Website Creator and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

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