Ones That Got Away 2013 – Belarus

Flag in map of Belarus

Flag in map of Belarus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a new section to our Blog that we like to call – “Ones That Got Away 2013”.

Every year Eurovision fans debate who should have won the National Finals or even who should have won the Eurovision itself. After the first country selected their song last night – Belarus – there is a lot of different opinions flying around the internet today saying that it was not the best song on offer – while others disagree. So this segment will look at some songs that we think could have also done well if they had made it to Eurovision. It is always harder to remember the songs come the End of the National Finals Selections so we will do them as we go along.

As you will all know Alyona Lanskaya was stripped of her Belarus Crown last year after an investigation surrounding the Jury vote in 2012. However this year both the Jury and the Public awarded Alyona the maximum points so no problem there.

(Youtube Courtesy of ballerine111)

Now in our live report yesterday we did here at Eurovision Ireland say that Alyona was the one to beat and that her competition would come from the 2 rock bands Nuteki Band and Satsura – and true enough both songs came 2nd and 3rd respectively. That is not a bad judgement call on my part here – I got the Top 3 correct

Nuteki – Save Me  came second where they scored 10 points  from the public and 7 points from the Jury 

Satsura – Get Out Of My Way came third where they scored 8 points from the public and 6 points from the jury 

I will admit that I thought the voting may have been a little closer but the result I would have the Top 3 songs in the Top 3 also.

Nuteki – Save Me 

They were definitely one of the audience’s favourites on the night too. They had a performance that reminded me of Manga who came second in 2010 for Turkey. A high energy rock/pop song that looked amazing on stage. This is a real stadium band in the making and the introduction of the silver alien on stilts that made the guitarists fly – was a stroke of genius.

Wearing shades looks cool but when you are on TV you need to connect with your audience and they sometimes distance you from the people that you want to sing to. Maybe the loss of the shades would have been my advice and maybe it could have been Nuteki to Malmo. Overall a great visual feast and a worthy runner-up – just in case another investigation makes Belarus select again

(YouTube Video Courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

Satsura – Get Out Of My Way

Well there usually is not that much that is missing from Eurovision except the kitchen sink but one other thing that you fail to see is some light bondage – especially from the men. Well Satsura delivered it in CHAIN loads! I thought this was the song that would have given Aloyna the closest run for her money. It did not help that you had Nuteki and Satsura playing back to back as that I am sure may have split their vote somewhat.

But what Satsura did provide was a high energy Linkin Park type song. It started like a Janet Jackson‘s Rhythm Nation‘s song with a march like quality and just went up a gear into a high energy rock/dance song. The lead singer was in combats and bear chested except for some chains across his body. He gave the some real energy and this again I am sure would have gone done really well in the stadium in Malmö as the Juries are told to look for modern songs – and this was one for sure. Se what you think? It left me in a tizzy to be honest!

(YouTube Video Courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

So there you have our first selection of “Ones That Got Away For 2013”. Let us know if you agree with us.

Source – Eurovision Ireland

Author/Website Creator and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

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