Eurovision 2012

Belgium – Can you hear me as you won’t be able to see me!!

Español: Composición de Bélgica en el Festival...

Español: Composición de Bélgica en el Festival de la Canción de Eurovisión (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RTBF – The Belgian broadcaster had 6 songs submitted for their artist Roberto Bellarosa of which 3 were selected by an internal jury. That seems like a small number of entries but as they say “It is Quality and not Quantity” that counts. You will only have to wait until December 11th until RTBF release snippets onto the net of all the 3 songs that are in contention. The final selection will be made on December 16th when a 50/50 Jury and Public vote will select the song for Roberto to perform in Malmo.

Now this is where the Belgians break from tradition and will not be televising the final on regular television. In a new format they will have their selection show on a Sunday Morning – December 16th on Radio Vivacite on one of their most popular shows between 10.30am to 1pm (CET). The radio show will have Roberto singing the songs live in the studio. The radio station has said that they will have a live internet stream where fans can look in on the performances.

This is a novel approach to selecting a song that will have to be presented in Malmö on a stage in front of thousands of people in the arena. Will this mean that Roberto’s song maybe a ballad where stage performance will play not as big a role as an up tempo song?

It will certainly be a cost-effective method of selecting a song for Belgium. Do you think this is a shrewd decision by RTBF or could distort the public from selecting the right song for Roberto? Let us know.

Here is more information on Roberto that we reported to you before

As you will know Belgium have won the contest once with Sandra Kim in 1986 and came very close in 2003 with the band Urban Trad, in a thriller of a voting procedure where they were leading up until the final jury.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of 2000ESC2003)

Source: RTBF

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