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NEWS ROUNDUP – Cyprus, Kosovo, 22 Minutes and Croatia

Animated flag of Cyprus.
Animated flag of Cyprus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“La La La La La La La Lack Of Funds” – With Cyprus putting on a wonderful show in Baku this year it would be a shame if the Island Country was forced to pull out due to lack of funding. As like many countries in Europe the financial crisis is hitting broadcasters hard this year. Poland and Portugal have already cited this as one of the primary reasons for their withdrawl from the contest in Sweden next year. It is looking that the same fate maybe about to stike Cyprus. Following their financial assistance this year CyBC – the National Broadcaster – spoke to the “Showtime Blog” today and said that under the Troika Memorandum the station will have to make 2 Million Euro’s worth of cutbacks this year thus making the participation at Eurovision challenging. CyBC are however remaining upbeat in their efforts to find a sponsor for their act in Malmo.

Do you happen to have a couple of hundred thousand Euro to spare?

Flag of Kosovo

Flag of Kosovo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As you maybe aware – Kosovo declared unilaterally declared independence from Serbia on Ola Sand is reportedly said that ” Kosovo is not an active member of the Eurovision Broadcasting Union EBU and as a result cannot take part in the Eurovision”. In the past Serbia have threatened to leave the contest if Kosovo were allowed to participate. Watch his space for further news?

Should Kosovo be allowed to participate in Euroviosion 2013? Let us know your thoughts.

Animated flag of Sweden.

Animated flag of Sweden. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

22 Minutes!!

Yes 22 Minutes – That must be a Eurovision Record. And No i don’t mean the time it takes to find your seat in the venue but that is the time it took for the Grand Final of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest to sell out last Monday. All the available tickets went in 1320 seconds!!

Does that mean there are no tickets left?

No – Not yet. Firstly you can still purchase tickets to the 2 live Semi Finals, Their Dress rehearsals and the family rehearsals too. Also the official fans still have until the end of the week to purchase their fan packages so there maybe tickets that were not used that may come available next week. Furthermore SVT has said that when the arena is staged and all camera cranes are in position that this should free up more potential seats for fans – so stay tuned for further details.

Did you get your tickets?

Animated flag of Croatia.

Animated flag of Croatia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Let’s give Croation a big “Klapa” for staying with the contest despite missing out on the final for the last 3 years in a row. Now when I say “Klapa” I am referring to the traditional Croation Music. Klapas are songs concerned with love, wine and their country – it certainly gets the thumbs up from me. Usually sung withour any or little musical accompaniment and by  either male or female singers – though never mixed – Croatioa will be offering us a slice of traditional life at Eurovision next year.

There will be 6 singers and all applicants must be over 16 years of age and Croatian. Also the song must be written by Croatian composers and have not been berformed prior to September 1st of this year. Once all the songs have been submitted for consideration then a 3 member jury will select one song and 2 back up songs to represent Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest. Then the task will begin to select the 6 singers to perform the Croatian entry. Usually this style of music consists of a First and Second Tenor, a Baritone and a Bass. Here is an example of some traditional Klapas Music to demonstrate this wonderful art form. A song selection from Deveta ura – klapa Crikvenica.

Will this music have a wide enough appeal to bring Croatia back to the final?

Author/Website Creator and Chief Editor – Garrett Mulhall

(Source “Showtime Blog”,Telegraf.RS,

(YouTube video courtesy of and FDKOmis)

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