Eurovision 2012

Eurovision Semi Final 2 Interval Act – Amazing

We had the pleasure of witnessing the Interval Act for Semi Final 2 and it was amazing.

We have a local Azeri band appear in traditional costume and instruments. They begin to play traditional music and then the Euro Magic happens.

Then Dima Bilan took to the stage and sang his 2008 winning song “Believe”.

Following that it was Maria from Serbia who won in 2007 with the song “Molitva”. The mixture between the traditional and the contemporary is fantastic.

From the back of the stage you hear the distinctive violin and the chords of “Fairytale” and Alexander Rybak takes to the stage.

Just when you were having a Eurovision Rush on comes Leana and sings her winning song “Satellite”.

Just when you think this is enough Eldar and Niki come to the stage and sing “Waterloo” and were joined by the other Eurovision Winners.

I preferrred the individual performances as opposed to the group song. But enjoyable and fun. You will enjoy

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