Eurovision 2012

Eurovision Dress Rehearsal – Semi Final 2

Photo – Garrett Mulhall

After Jedward’s sensational performance last night and nail-biting qualification we can all take a quick breather. Here I am now blogging from the Second Semi final for you all – so here we go!

  • Serbia

This is a well crafted song and sung well. I have never been overly excited by this song as I think it would have made a wonderful entry 5 years ago or so but the Eurovision has moved on since then. Saying that you cannot deny the song is good (not a winner) but a certain qualifier. It will though clear up on the votes from the Balkan countries.

Eurovision Semi final Prediction – Will qualify and will be between 14-8 in the final

  • FYR Macedonia

This was electric. She gives an amazing performance. A great rock song with that big high note. This for me is better that Slovenia – who is also in the same Semi Final and could be a fight for the final qualifying spot. A Strong Edgy performance.

Eurovision Semi final Prediction – Battle Royale for the 10th qualifying spot.

  • The Netherlands

 Charming as always. Joan still in her sky blue dress and Indian head-dress. Her band is charming and Joan’s vocals are childlike. Nothing that a great guitar stomper to get the crowd going. The Netherlands are surrounded by a whole lot of cowboys as far a song quality. This has to make the final

Eurovision Semi-Final Prediction – The Netherlands will qualify

  • Malta

Kurt oh Kurt oh Kurt. This is the night you take Malta to the final. As always Kurt sings this perfectly and he is just so good on camera. He is really electric and his interaction on the stage with the rest of the band is wonderful. The dance routine still has people hooked and is visually wonderful. This has to go through

Eurovision Semi-Final Prediction – Malta will make the final

  • Belarus

 Major problems. you knew from the first few seconds of the song starting that the lead singer was not happy – like myself as I am not a fan of the remix of this song. But it became clear that he could not hear the song in his ear monitor so the dress rehearsal was stopped not one not twice but 3 times until the band could hear their backing track. This certainly threw their confidence and they were pitchy and out of key in places. I am also opposed to hearing “We are the WEINERS” instead of “Winners”

Eurovision Semi -Final Prediction – They have a big fan base in Eastern Europe that might help them get through. For me it is like a Madonna Song – “Borderline” for me.

  • Portugal

 Filipa sings the song well and it is presented well. Simple and elegant which is what you need to do with a song like this. Unfortunately this is not really the contest for a “New World” track. I fear that Portugal will not score well with the Tele-Voter at home

Eurovision Semi-Final Prediction – Will miss out on the final

  • Ukraine

 One of my favourites in the contest and it pains me say this but the week of rehearsals have taken its toll on Gaitana’s voice and she was very pitchy and hoarse. Overall this was the weakest that the song has been performed over the entire week’s rehearsals. No I am wondering if this is a sound issue following on from Belarus. Overall this should get through but not as comfortably as it should have.

Eurovision Semi Final Prediction – In the finals

  • Bulgaria

What is heavens name are they thinking?? The vocals were dreadful which makes me think that the ear pieces are not fully working. But this was the worst performance so far. Off key – makes you think of Gemini from the UK – it was that off-key. Now where do I start as to the styling. Content to make a dance track static with no dancing in it – they have put her in a white pvc tight jacket and ULTRA short skirt and thigh high matching boots. It makes her look like she is Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman – the curb crawling scenes. Dreadful and certainly going home!!

Eurovision Semi-Final Prediction – Last in the Semi Finals

  • Slovenia

Well at least this was the first in several songs to be sung in tune so thank the Lord. Not my personal cup of tea as it sounds too much like “Molitvia” which is another song that I found highly overrated. All dressed in white and all so safely staged I can now see this qualifying despite this not being my cup of tea. Looking like they are dressed as Cream Deserts it should still qualify.

Prediction – Now looking like it will qualify

Bosni Herzegovina – I liked this performance. Just a shame it is a ballad and back to back with Slovenia but I still see this qualifying. Black dress and rather demure this will qualify.

Eurovision Semi-Final Prediction – Should get to the final

  • Sweden

Oh this was so underwhelming it was scary. The stage is far too dark and at times Loreen could hardly be seen on the screen. Why have the Swedish delegation taken this decision. You cannot get the emotion that we all know that Loreen portrays,  as you clearly cannot see her!! Furthermore when it came to the snow scene it was not so much a blizzard but someone shaking their dandruff over Loreen. The entire performance needs more lighting and passion. Sorry but this is not looking like a winner at all and if the changes are not made then Sweden will be heading for a disappointing vote.

Eurovision Semi Final Prediction – Will scrape into the final

  • Georgia

 This I have always thought was a very poor song but coming after the dark and dreary set of Sweden – Georgia looks fun and fresh and got a huge reaction in the hall. This was high energy funk/pop/rock/camo and I can see qualifying.

Eurovision Semi Final Prediction – A surprise qualifier

  • Turkey

 Can is dressed in a black leather cap and jacket and looking more Village People. His dancers are in blankets and this is all looking somewhat dark on stage. The vocals were suspect and weak in parts. If they are going to stay with the blankest as part of the act them they need to make them in a vibrant colour.

Eurovision Semi-Final Prediction – With enough friends in this final this should qualify

  • Estonia – WHAT ARE YOU DOING??

Rule at Eurovision – If it is n’t broken then don’t change it. What have the Estonian Delegation done with their presentation. They have completely changed the melody of the song and it is ridiculous. The bridge from the verse into the chorus they have changed. They increase it up a key and it seems forced!! Please Estonia revert to the original as it was the simple presentation that made this song special and stand out from the crowd!

Eurovision Semi-Final Prediction – If they do not revert to the original, Estonia will fail to qualify.

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  1. I think JEDWARD are going to win Eurovision!!! They’re amazing! Come to Spain someday, I Love you guys =:)

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