Backstage Gossip

NEWSFLASH – Eurovision Jury Semi Final 1 Just Completed

Picture by Garrett Mulhall of

Ok people – It is 2am here in Baku and I have just come out of the final dress rehearsal for Semi Final 1. This is the semi final that the Jury vote on.

Jedward’s Performance

I can say that Jedward gave their best performance of “Waterline” to date. The vocals were even better than this afternoon’s and the water feature went down wonderfully with the audience. There was nothing that the guys could have done better.

Eurovision Semi Final Rumour Mill

  •  Jedward wore the same silver and gold costumes and had their hair DOWN. So that is what you will see tomorrow evening on the live show.
  • Surprises were that the crowd really loved Albania. The audience cheered when Rona hit the high notes in her song and she actually cried at the end of her performance. This could actually just get into the final.
  • Russia were a favourite of the crowd and they had people dancing in the hall.
  • Cyprus also got an amazing reaction in the hall to the delight of Ivi.

Overall it was an amazing show and it will be a nailbiter.

Backstage Gossip

Just as an FYI – Jedward were in the green room in Leopard Print Dressing Gowns!!! So look out for them tomorrow night!

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