Eurovision 2012

Second Round Eurovision Rehearsals – First 12 songs

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Yesterday was a busy day here in Baku with the first 12 acts in Semi Final 1 taking to the stage again for their second dress rehearsal. There were a few surprises here and not all of them good so let’s start with the song that gets 12 points for being out there and bizarre. So like swimming after you have eaten I decided to post my thoughts on what I saw a few hours later. So here you go.

  • Montenegro

 Montenegro’s Eurovision Singer; Rambo Amadeus (best name ever) is as bonkers as ever and you will either love or hate this.  Personally I love this left field entry but I can see why others don’t – and those others seem to be the Majority. Rambo is like his Hollywood counterpart – BIG and larger than life. His quirky pop/hip hop/ethnic/political satire song “Euro Neuro” . Rambo still has his enormous Trojan Donkey on stage. It is just funky and for me a great opening to the Semi Final as you certainly will be wide awake following his performance.

Personal Opinion – I would love It to Qualify.

Realistic Eurovision 2012 Prediction – Will fail to get enough votes and will be taking the early flight home to Montenegro

  • Iceland

Dressed in Black with the stunning mountain scape backdrop in blue this is just sounding amazing live and in English.  Icelandic Eurovision Singers Joni and Greta were vocally perfect along with their backing singers. All dressed in black but I think this will change. What was interesting to see is that when the climax of the song takes place the lighting on the stage changes from the blue to reds and oranges and it just looks amazing. Camera angles were tight and effective.

Personal Opinion- This has just leapt up in my estimations. If I were from Iceland I would start thinking of what volcano they could host the concert in next year.

Eurovision 2012 Prediction – Will qualify with ease and will have hearts melting across Europe with this one. A potential winner.

  • Greece 

Still no sign of what they will be wearing yet for the semi-final. I think this is because the Greek Team know that they still have a lot of work to do to perfect this performance. The vocals on this are still week – but you cannot lay all the blame on Greek Eurovision Singer Eleftheria as the backing singers are also pitchy. Greek songs are always noted for their slick choreography but “Aphrodisiac” is in need of a shot of “Viagra” if this is going to do well.

Personal Opinion – It is a good classic Greek Pop song which is catchy though Eurovision Fans may think it is a Mezza Plate of previous Greek entries.  I like it but a lot of restless nights ahead for the Greeks to nail the performance. 

Eurovision 2012 Prediction – Greece have enough voting neighbours in this Semi-Final to ensure it will qualify. It will still qualify but a close call for a change from previous years

  • Latvia

Vocally Latvian Eurovision singer : Anmary is on the money for this quirky jet gimmicky song. Listing as many Internationally recognisable names does not really count as a song for me. Even La La La La is more appealing for me and taxing on the mind. The stage is the same as before and some good camera angles. However I have to ask the Latvian Stylist “What were you thinking?” Dressed in Blue Anmary is in a dress that my Grandmother would not be seen dead in. Where is Gok Wan when you need him? But then look at the backing singers.

Personal Opinion  -Dressed in different shades of blue they look like they have taken the wrong turn and missed the corner where they should be hanging out on. Totally inappropriate for the song and my innocent mind. One is guessing that the Latvian delegation will be on a Clothes shopping trip around Baku later today.

Eurovision 2012 Prediction – This is not going to qualify and as it stands going further down the ranking

  • Albania

Albanian Eurovision Singer  Rona has gone all Leopard print stripey (if that is a word) on us. She is also wearing a large orange head piece on her ear – which I presume is to contact the Mother Ship asking them to beam her up. This song is not really my cup of tea and for that matter I can’t get a good cup of tea over here in Baku so if anyone for Ireland is coming over – bring me some Lyons Tea please! I digress. Rona has an amazing voice and this song is challenging for the best singers in the world to sing due to it’s range but even her voice is struggling now with the continuous rehearsals. Those high notes will serve as an alarm clock for anyone that has fallen asleep.

Personal Opinion- Rona gives intense passion in this performance but really doesn’t let the viewer in so I will stay outside thank you.

Eurovision 2012 Prediction – Will fail to light the fire in Europe and will not qualify.

  • Romania

Talk about having a stark contrast from Albania! Romania comes on in a Blaze of Glory. Men all dressed in white – AND TIGHT WHITE may I add. Those Romanian’s like their tight trousers. Elena the singer was in a red skirt and black jacket. This is just looking and sounding like the Summer Hit that we all knew it would be.

(Video courtesy of ESCDaily)

Personal Opinion -A cracking performance from Romania that is just what Eurovision is looking for. Now do they have Lyons Tea in Romania as this is a real contender. Nothing more to say.

Eurovision 2012 Prediction – This could win the Semi Final and the entire contest.

  • Switzerland

There is one person who is screaming “I TOLD YOU SO” and I am hear him so I will just get it out of the way. I may have underestimated this song – considerably.  Greens and Reds and Black are used in this rock performance and to great effect. The director and the delegation have worked well on this and they have a very slick rock performance. The brother and their band – collectively Sinplus are telling us they are “Unbreakable” . Well Switzerland broke their spell of not qualifying for the final – let’s hope they can do the same.

Personal Opinion -This is much improved from their National Final

Eurovision 2012 Prediction – Will be a close call but this could just about scrape into the final to the joy of one of my “hobbit” friends

  • Belgium

Well I had written this one off earlier in the week and I may have to eat my words. The beautiful Iris whom I had the delight of talking to at Euroclub – is dressed in a beautiful white lace dress and looks stunning. In the dress she reminds me of Dana – Domestic and not International. The camera angles are wonderful and are in keeping with the song – simple and elegant.

Personal Opinion –I have already apologised to my Belgian colleagues for writing this one off so quickly.

Eurovision 2012 Opinion – This will delight the juries and probably some of the televoters too to grab the final qualifying spot in this tight semi final.

  • Finland

I think that I may have to admit defeat on this one. I love the song and the singer but the Finns are determined to make sure they do everything possible this year to make life difficult for themselves. Firstly they are singing in Swedish and Sweden can’t vote for them in this semi final. Then they give the lovely Finnish Eurovision singer Pernilla a green dress with the weirdest coat tails in history but then shine an unflattering red spot light on her (that was clearly meant for the Latvian Backing Singers). If the Finnish Delegation are listening – Please put Pernilla in a plain white dress – maybe borrow Iris’s from Belgium after her performance.

Personal Opinion – I love this song and would love to see it in the final.

Prediction – The Finns are determined to kill my wish and this will be an early trip home for Finland this year.

  • Israel

Well I know they can smile because I saw them doing it in Euroclub – it was a strange smile but I will take a smile from them any way I can. No changes to their performance. This is a great little song with a wonderful back drop. Dressed in wonderful 70’s inspired clothing, this funky song comes straight after 2 ballads and should grab people’s attention.

Personal Opinion- SO SMILE!!!!! I like this one

Eurovision 2012 Prediction – Will benefit from coming after 2 ballads and if Europe can forgive the lack of teeth on show – this should qualify for the final.

  • San Marino

Well she has been reading my Blog and just won’t stop smiling. I imagine that even in her sleep that Valentina is smiling – or is that because someone has just poked her again – ON FACEBOOK you smutty people!!! Yes San Marino bring their song “The Social Network” to the stage in a burst of blue and whites. We have been told that the outfits are a homage to The Village People as one of them is dressed as a Doctor, A pilot a Sailor, A Captain etc This is just so cheesy that I actually love it. Depending on how well people like Israel before it could determine if San Marino pull off a shock here. Perfect vocals and Slick Dancing that Greece would love me to be writing about them – this has me in a tizzy

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Personal Opinion – It is camp central and I know I shouldn’t like it but I do. Just like chocolate – I know that too much of it is bad for me but I love it.

Eurovision 2012 Prediction – I fear Europe will see this as a car crash (like I do) but won’t pick up the telephone for it. So enjoy the 3 minutes San Marino and thanks for the awesome press pack.

  • Cyprus

Having met and danced with the lovely Ivi at Euroclub I am so happy to report that Cyprus are sailing into the final. Ivi is dressed beautifully in a silvery and pale purple dress (well I am colour blind and the colour of her dress has caused me hours of restlessness as it is that spectrum that I cannot distinguish, but all you need to know is that she looks fantastic.) She reminds me of Liv Tyler’s character from Lord Of The Rings. Her dancers are in similar coloured dresses as is the set.

(Video courtesy of

Personal Opinion – This song has just come on leaps and bounds from their National Final to the point that I was talking to the Cypriot Delegation about how they might host the contest new year.

Eurovision 2012 Prediction – This is sailing into the final and potentially the best result ever for Cyprus.

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