Eurovision 2012

ESTONIA – Is too “Kuula” for Schoola

(Photo courtesy of Andreas Putting EBU)

Estonia – The Dark Horse of the Contest so far

Estonia took to the stage and this was a song that I was championing for some time as a strong contender. After his first dress rehearsal many people have now seen what I was seeing for months now. This is the ballad of the contest and is a very strong contender.

  • Estonian Eurovsion Song – The song “Keela” song by Ott Lepland from Estonia is a stylish and simple ballad. A gentle song that is sung wonderfully and is so accessible on many levels.
  • The Singer: The control and power in Ott’s voice was truly amazing and considering that he had difficulties with his ear monitor he was only performing at 70% of his capacity. Ott is accompanied by one female singer. She remains in the background and her voice is beautifully haunting when intertwined with his.

This was a beautiful performance

  • Staging/Performance / Routine – Estonia have been very sensible and have kept the staging of this song simple yet elegant.
  • The stage begins in darkness with a single spotlight on Ott. Slowly the stage tirns into pale shades of blue that are in the form of shards of glass.
  • Some wonderful circular camera shots and close up’s of Ott enhance this wonderful ballad.
  • As the song builds up to it’s climax the stage turns ot a golden colour of trees with falling leaves.


Eurovision 2012 Prediction

Simply the best performance today and is standing head and shoulders above the competition in it’s semi final. I will gladly welcome Estonia to the final and a Top 5 finish. 

Final Analaysis – Tip for Eurovision Finals

In Keeping with our Car ThemeThe simple staging and Ott’s intense performance make this the “Rolls Royce” performance of the day.

(Video courtesy of

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