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BACKSTAGE GOSSIP: Jedward Rabbits Story Covered in Irish Press (We told you first)

 In case you didn’t know, we had covered a newsflash story on Jedward  on May 16th about how they acquired 2 bunnies “Euro” and “Vision” and smuggled them into their hotel room during the Eurovision 2012 rehearsals in Baku. The twins were reported to have slipped away from their minders to buy the rabbits at a market in the old city so they could answer the age-old question, “can rabbits eat cucumber“.

Looks like the Irish press have picked up the story too.

Here’s an Excerpt as written by Richie Taylor:

“The 20-year-old pair tweeted: “They are awesome and they love being in our hotel room. They’re so fluffy and lovely. We both love animals. Back home in our mum’s house in Lucan, Co Dublin, we have five dogs, a parrot and a cat called Armani. Now we have two rabbits.”.

Read more:

Here’s an Excerpt:

The RTE Site shows the Jedward twitter pic of their new rabbits:

Jedward smuggle bunnies into hotel room “Euro” and “Vision”

Here is an Excerpt from Popledge

“Jedward give the bunnies some water to drink followed by some food. They then wash the bunnies little feet and give them the Nesquik bunny to ‘look up to’ as they have Britney Spears posters on their hotel room walls!”

(Also courtesy of JedwardTV)

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