Eurovision 2012

Turkey – “Can” They?

Turkey take to the stage in a blaze of colour

It is no surprise that the Turkish rehearsal was very busy as Can Bonomo is a well known star in Azerbaijan.

  • Turkish Eurovision Song – Personally I like this song. It has a great Turkish Ethno/Pop vibe to it.

        (Video courtesy of ESCDaily)
  • Staging / Performance / Routine – The back drop to the stage is extremely vibrant and colourful.
  • We start with blue lighting on the stage. For the chorus the colour is bright red
  • There is a strong nautical theme where we see animated scenes of the ocean with anchors, boats and lighthouses. This is interwoven with scenes of anchors through animated scenes of mountaintops with love hearts .
  • Can is accompanied by 5 men on stage with him who provide the backing vocals and dancing
  • For the actual climax of the song the dancers physically align themselves in a formation to replicate a ship with Can as the captain. It looks very effective.

Eurovision 2012 Predictions

  • The staging of the song is wonderful and Can is a likable character with a relaxed presence on stage. As he is performing after Georgia this will be to his advantage as the Georgian song and performance has divided the press conference.

Final Analysis – Tip for the Eurovision Finals

Turkey will be sailing into the final. I think this could bring Turkey into the Top 10 in the final. If this was a car it would be a stylish cheeky little Mini. It is refurbished Classic with a little twist.

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