Eurovision 2012

Ukraine – Scoring a Winning Goal?

Ukraine – Scoring a winning goal

The Ukraine took to the stage today and were amazing. A feast for the eyes and the ears.

  • Ukraine Eurovision Song – This song is a chant for the European Football Championships. Instantly catchy and full of wonderful hooks that anyone can easily identify with.
  • The Singer: The voice on Guitana was absolutely amazing. Her vocal range is stunning and amazed the crowd that had congregated for the rehearsal. It is hard to believe that she is the only set of vocals that are on the stage.
  • Staging / Performance / Routine– The Ukraine are always assured to put an amazing show on every year at Eurovision and this year is no exception. A stunning backdrop of paint being thrown in slow motion of different colours.
  • There are port movable 4 screens on the stage that begin the performance in a boxed formation from which Guitana and her 5 male dancers emerge.
  • The screens then also display various eye catching images from dancing male dancers to crowd scenes of computer icons.
  • It is a busy stage performance – almost like a traffic junction in Baku at rush hour – but I love that!

Video courtesy of ESCDaily


Final analysis – Eurovision Predictions for 2012 Finals

Ukraine is certainly going to qualify and make the Top 10 in the final. You cannot help but get caught up in this performance. If this was a fruit it would be a zesty pineapple.

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