Eurovision 2012

Netherlands – Charming and Beautiful

(Photo courtesy of Thomas Hanses EBU)

Netherlands – Oh so CharmingLoving Her

Joan Franka was absolutely amazing on the stage this morning performing her song “You and Me”. Like Romania and Russia – the hall was full of press and fans waiting for her to perform and she did not disappoint me.

  • Netherlands Eurovision Song – A charming folk song sung plain and simple.Joan is singing and playing the guitar and accompanied by a female singer and 4 men who are to the side of the stage who play the banjo, fiddle and guitars.
  • The Singer :  Vocally Joan had a few problems with her sound check but after that she was hitting the notes and sounding charming
  • The backing band were very good. They did not detract from the performance and vocally harmonized well on stage.Overall this was vocally beautiful.
  • Staging/Performance / Routine – Again this was pure and simple and keeping in the spirit of the song. Joan stands alone in the centre of the stage and wears her signature Indian Head dress that she is known for. She plays the guitar and her band sit in a small gathering to the left of the stage on one of the gangways.
  • The colours used are reds and oranges and there is a simple back shot of blue flags blowing in the wind
  • There are small bowls of fire dotted across the stage that are like camp fires.
  • As the song comes to the end there are larger flames shooting up from the floor.

Overall a beautiful staging for a sweet song

We so liked her performance that we went to her press conference too.

QUESTION: I asked Joan if the song – which is a small love story between a young boy and girl – was about her?

ANSWER: Joan confessed that it was indeed her first love when she was 5 years old and that after writing the song she called him up to tell him that the song was about him. She had not seen or spoken to him since she was 5 which makes the song even more personal

Final Analysis – Eurovision Finals Prediction

I truly hope that Joan and The Netherlands make it to the final as this is a potential Top 5. If Joan was a fruit she would be a Sweet Cheery and baked in a warm pie – Yumm

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