Eurovision 2012

Israel – “Time” to Smile Guys

Israel with the band Izabo started the ball rolling today for Day 2 of Rehearsals.

Isreali Eurovision Song 2012 “Time” is a song that has divided opinion here in the Press Hall. Well here is my dilemma. It is a retro song performed by a seasoned and experienced group of artists.  This song is funky and has a 70’s feeling to it.

  • Cheese – o – meter Alert:  The retro feeling went to Gorgonzola on the cheese scale.
  • Their Eurovision band & singer: The song was sung perfectly and the mix between the level of the backing vocals was just right. With a guitarist, a drummer, Keyboard player and 2 backing singers accompanying the lead singer – we have a full house and the sound is actually better live for this song than it is for the studio version. So overall vocally this came across strong.
  • Staging/ Performance /Routine – Well visually this looks AWESOME. It kicks off literally with a bang. A circle of flames shoot upwards – which is apt for the Land of Fire Baku. The backdrop fittingly is a series of clocks of all sizes and styles – remember the song is called “Time” – keep up with me people. With red and white lighting throughout the song this works very well.

Eurovision 2012 Prediction:

HOWEVER the use of capitals means it is a big “HOWEVER” the majority of the band look like they don’t want to be here.

  • A smile to the camera and some energy in them would really transform their performance. After all they are getting a fully paid trip to the beautiful city of Baku – and it is beautiful. So why the long faces guys.
  • Final Analysis / Tip for the Finals – Israel have a kooky little song that sounds good and looks great but they need to look as though they are enjoying themselves. This is borderline to qualify in it’s current state. SMILE – I am!

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