Eurovision 2012

Romania – Best of the day so far!!

Romania – Our First Real Contender

Eurovision 2012 Prediction:  If you are to judge how well a country is going to score at Eurovision you should always look at how many of the local volunteers come into look at your performance – well Romania had a full house. There is something to be said about seeing giant security guards dancing to a song in unison. Sorry I didn’t have my camera close to hand.This has summer “HIT” written all over it

So back to Romania. Mandinga singing “Zaleiah”

  • Romanian Eurovision Song: It has a Cuban/Latin feel to it that you cannot ignore and once you hear the song it stays with you. The Bag Pipes make a welcome return to the Eurovision along with a strong percussion and drum section.Even though the song is sung in Romanian it has catchy hooks that you cannot fail to remember.
  • Singer Elena the lead singer gave a flawless performance vocally and was supported by her band members.
  • Staging / Performance / Routine– Well this was fresh and vibrant and suited the song. Bright vibrant colours with images of drums and clapping and love hearts. It is pure fun
  • Great use of the stage and camera angles to match.A catchy dance routine – that I shall be doing tonight at EuroClub – had the hall up and dancing.
  • Eurovision Band: I would say that they were holding back on their performance which leads you to believe that the live show will be outstanding.

Final Analysis- Tip for the Eurovision Finals:

This is certainly the performance of the day so far and is going to score well with Juries and People at home. A contender for the Big Prize and definitely making the final and the Top 3.

Could this be the Eurovision Winning Song? Video to follow…

(Video courtesy of ESCDaily)

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