Eurovision 2012

Albania – “Brace Yourself Ears”

(Photo courtesy of Andres Putting (EBU))

 AlbaniaLady Gaga meets Minnie Mouse

Yes the award for the loudest screeching this year goes to Albania. My left ear drum will be recovering soon – hopefully

  • SongRona Nishliu takes the Mariah Carey screaming to the next level and isn’t afraid to make sure you know it.
  • You cannot deny that Rona has an amazing vocal range but it is certainly not being put to best use in this song.
  • If you have not heard her singing her song “Suus” then you will shocked to hear the high notes that Rona hits. But is it a nice surprise? Jury is out – where I think it is safer
  •  A passionate Ballad is this song but for me it is a song that not many people will appreciate or identify with.
  • Performance – Well RED is the favourite colour of Albania. Red spot lights adorn Rona with one white light on centre stage on her.
  • This stays the same for the entire song with more vibrant reds accompanying her.
  • There are at times abstract images of people behind Rona.
  • The climax of the song – though OTT vocally – is actually filmed wonderfully. Huge swooping circular camera shots fit the climax of the song very well.

I did find it disconcerting that Rona had her eyes shut for most of the performance. That in itself leaves you feeling left out from her Party for One that she is having. Interesting to note that on her 4th rehearsal Rona was not hitting her signature high notes. Might that take it’s toll on her before her semi final?

This is a challenging song sung well but I really cannot see this qualifying despite having plenty of friendly voting from neighbours. Video to follow

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