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Valentina Monetta Rehearsal Picture - Photograph courtesy of © Dennis Stachel

Videos of Eurovision Rehearsals for San Marino and FYR Macedonia

Valentina Monetta of San Marino kick started her Eurovision 2013 campaign today in the Malmo arena. We reviewed her performance earlier – see below https://eurovisionireland.net/2013/05/08/san-marino-day-3-first-rehearsal-congratulations-ms-monetta-its-a-healthy-ball/ We now have the video of her performance (YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision) We reviewed the performance earlier today – see link below […]

FYR Macedonia – New Song Released – “Pred da se razdeni” or “Imperija”? – Discuss

ESMA and LOZANO will represent FYR Macedonia at Eurovision 2013 with the song “Pred da se razdeni”. You may remember that the duo had the highly popular “Imperija” already announced as their entry for Eurovision 2013. However for reasons fully unknown the song was withdrawn and is now replaced with “Pred da se razdeni” that will also be performed […]

FYR Macedonia : Details Announced

Back in December the Macedonian broadcaster, MRT announced that Roma musician Esma Redžepova (69) would represent Macedonia along with pop singer Vlatko Lozanoski (27). MRT have since announced that they are keeping the song selection within the Redžepova household by having one of Esma’s children compose the song. […]

Bulgaria 2013 : Selection Process

BNT, the Bulgarian National Broadcaster will choose their candidate for Malmo through an internal selection committee with a specialised television show to choose the song that the successful representative will sing for Eurovision 2013. BNT will announce the singer(s) on the 10th February. The singer(s) will then present […]