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#EUROVISION 2019 – who’s already said they are going next year and who might debut?

Eurovision 2018 hasn’t even finished yet, but that doesn’t mean that preparations aren’t already underway for next year’s edition – wherever it may go! Eight countries have already confirmed their participation in the next Eurovision Song Contest. These are: SWEDEN POLAND SAN MARINO SERBIA ESTONIA ISRAEL NORWAY SPAIN […]

#LIECHTENSTEIN eyeing 2019 Eurovision Début!!

Good evening Europe, this is Vaduz calling! – could these long-awaited words soon be uttered at the Eurovision Song Contest? According to 1FLTV, Liechtenstein’s national broadcaster, YES! Since Liechtenstein founded a national broadcaster in 2008, there have been persistent rumours/dreams of Eurovision entry. Earlier this week, 1FLTV have […]