Eurovision 2019

#MONTENEGRO – LIVE BLOG of #Montevizija2019 from 21:00 CET #DareToDream

Dobra večer Evropa i dobro jutro Australija! It’s time to find out who Montenegro will be sending to the Eurovision Song Contest 2019!

Sit back and relax, and let Eurovision Ireland’s own James Scanlan entertain and inform you. As always, feel free to tell me what you think and give your opinions about tonight’s Final and who your favourites are! I might even shout out to you in the blog 😉

We have 5 songs competing for that ticket to Tel Aviv in May, and they are:

D-moll – “Heaven”

Andrea Demirović – “Ja Sam Ti San”

Monika Knezović – “Nepogrješivo”

Ivana Popović-Martinović – “Nevinost”

Nina Petković – “Uzmi ili Ostavi”

If you want to watch too, have a look here HERE from 21:00CET / 20:00 GMT.

You know the drill: Just refresh this page to get the comments, points of view and all that Eurovision Ireland goodness you know and love!


Ej, čovječe, šta radite? Veoma ste rani! Hey guys, what are you doing? You’re far too early! Come back later tonight! 😀

Well well Eurovisioners, it’s been quite a day! Waking up for Australia’s first ever national selection, a Russian song announcement that just seemed to be a Sergey Lazarev “This Is Your Life” and the epic 173 hour Sanremo festival in Italy too! But don’t forget, Montenegro is choosing tonight too! Join me in about 30 mins for all the latest from this beautiful Balkan gem – hajde da ludujemo!

5 minutes till show time folks… if you’re already tuned in, you’ll be enjoying the same Montenegrin music show I am. Can one of tonight’s acts bring one of the contest’s smallest competitors back to the final? I sure hope so!

This adorable little fella convinces you to shop more!

Here we go! Montevizija 2019 begins!

We have a studio audience this year! And a choir start us off with a medley of Inje, Moj Svijet and Zauvijek Moja (No Name were a Montenegrin band after all!)

Oh Adio ❤ Such a hauntingly atmospheric song! ❤ And as our hosts just said, Montenegro’s best placing at the contest yet, 13th!

Awww… they just said hello to everyone watching on the internet! Zdravo! 😀

Andrea is taking a look at the stars of this year’s Montevizija postings on social media

I thought for a second my Montenegrin had gotten really good, then I realised they’d switched to English… oops…

Yes indeed, Sanremo is tonight too, so we’ll have 3 new Eurovision songs in one day! And it’s not even Super Saturday yet!

A look back through Montenegro’s Eurovision journey – I have to say, Montenegro always send something very different! I mean, Igranka was out of this world – literally! Looking forward to see what they’ll send to Tel Aviv!

Ah, so they’ve really shaken up the voting this year! A jury of Montenegrin music professionals, an international jury, radio jury and the public will all get to award points, namely 1,2,3, and 5. This is going to be fun!

And it’s time for the songs!

D-moll – “Heaven”

D-moll are kicking us off tonight and I love the staging! It’s a simple idea to have the band members look like music notes on a score, but really effective. “Heaven” is quite a soulful sounding number and instantly looks memorable. My one concern is that with 6 very different singers all going at the same time, it doesn’t sound as neat as it maybe could. This being said, it’s a great start to tonight and I think it would be a nice option for Tel Aviv – well done guys!

Andrea Demirović – “Ja Sam Ti San”

Oh gosh! Andrea is back and she’s not that little girl wishing her lover would leave her alone! Looking every inch a Gothic goddess, Andrea belts out quite a dark techno influenced number while a devil cavorts around her on stage…. it’s actually quite disturbing, especially for a song called “I’m Your Dream”, but still I can’t look away…

Monika Knezović – “Nepogrješivo”

Blimey we are moving quickly tonight in Podgorica! Monika looks incredible in gold and her urban backing dancers in black compliment her well. The song, called Unmistakable in English has a good thumping beat to it, and is certainly the best dance along song we’ve had so far tonight. Would it stand out in Tel Aviv? I’m not sure… but a solid effort nonetheless!

Ivana Popović-Martinović – “Nevinost”

Looking angelic in white and joined by a throng of elegant dancers, Ivana gives perhaps the most vocally accomplished performance of the night. It’s very much a ballad, so if you love this kind of thing it’s lovely, if not it’s a long 3 minutes. But I must applaud Ivana for her very powerful voice – brava!

Nina Petković – “Uzmi ili Ostavi”

From a very classical and traditional song, Nina is much edgier and modern. Striding around the stage with a well muscled dancer, Nina owns the stage and gives a really commanding performance. I think the costume was a mistake, but such details can be ironed out before May. What a way to end the show!

So… that’s it? We’re rattled through all 5 entries in just over 30 minutes! Sanremo could learn a thing or two here!

According to the schedule, Montevizija finishes at 23:00 local time… so we’ve still got 3/4s of the show left… I sense an interval act sans fin approaching…

Andrea is having a look at the Tweets… the audience seem livelier than last year? That’s because last year it was filmed in a studio without one! lol

So now the people of Montenegro have about 20 minutes left to vote… which of the 5 will they award their top marks?

We’re being treated to a recap of songs in case you can’t remember them all from the last 15 minutes… I didn’t notice the first time round, but one of the girls from D-moll really looks like Jennifer Lawrence!!

We’re now meeting the international jury – and there are some very familiar faces!

Eldar from Azerbaijan!

Lea from Slovenia!

Andras from Hungary!

Ira Losco from Malta!

And the reason I became such a huge Eurovision fan, Ruslana!!

And it’s the Nightingale of Sarajevo himself, Hari Mata Hari! Lejla is easily one of my favourite Eurovision entries ever! Bosnia need to come back to Eurovision with this man and win it!!

Sto voljet tebe…. leeeeeeejjjllllaaaaaaaaaa!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Litte known fact (that I tell nearly everyone!) – It was because of the song Lejla that I started to learn this language. Never imagined back then I’d be using it to live blog for Eurovision!

Hari Mata Hari just congratulated Montenegro for putting on a fantastic show… and when asked about Bosnia’s return to Eurovision he said he hoped that the country would return one day – with you singing for them, I hope!

Montenegro, you’ve got about 3 minutes left to vote!

One final recap – still wasn’t quick enough to grab a picture to prove Jennifer Lawrence is singing for Montenegro, but she is!! 😛

Under 30 seconds to go…

“Lines are closed” flashing up in the corner of the screen… hosts haven’t said anything yet…

While the votes are counted, they’re showing a video of the contestants being asked questions about Eurovision… including to sing the opening theme of Eurovision (D-moll had no idea!) who is the highest scoring entrant from Montenegro and who has the most wins… one guy from D-moll thought it was the UK, bless him!

What animal is allowed on the Eurovision stage! Trick question! Only France is allowed to use a giraffe on stage… as John once told me and I believed him!!

That’s a nice idea for a segment though, a Eurovision quiz! BBC, take note! 😀

Results time! Radio jury up first

Andrea gets 3, but D moll take the first 5 points!

International jury up now, with Ervin from ESC Bubble reading out the votes! Their decision to give Andrea just one point was not popular in the studio… D moll get another 5

Montenegrin musician jury up next I believe… on a very official looking piece of folded paper…

D moll get 2… still don’t think it’s enough for Andrea to catch them!

Ivana gets her first 5 points!

That means D moll are still in the lead with 12, Ivana is 2nd on 9 and Andrea is 3rd on 7…. but what will the public votes do to the scoreboard?

We’re about to find out!

Monika gets 1 from the public

Nina gets 2

3 goes to Ivana

And 5 goes to D moll!

I thought for a moment a 3 way tie was about to be made if Andrea got those 5!

Well, I would have thought that was it, but we’ve gone to an ad break and the audience seemed rather calm considering we’ve got a winner… so, maybe we haven’t got our song just yet… keep checking back while we work out what’s going on!

Ah… so I must have missed that earlier, we’re going to a super final! Will it be Ivana, or will it be D moll?

First up, we’re going back to Heaven with D-moll!

Super Final – D-moll – “Heaven”

I must say, D-moll sound a lot neater this time around! It’s difficult with so many vocalists to give everyone a chance to stand out, but they do a remarkably good job. I’m liking this more and more, it’s a simple but soulful number.

And see, she does look like Jennifer Lawrence!

Super Final – Ivana Popović-Martinović – “Nevinost”

From a very upbeat and pop song to a moody Balkan ballad (the kind Montenegro know brought them success in the past!) Ivana’s song is much darker and musically more complex. I like both entries for different reasons… I really can’t call this one!

So now the people of Montenegro vote between D-moll and Ivana and the winner goes to Tel Aviv. Better get your skates on though, you only have 15 minutes to vote!

Andrea in the Green Room talking to the Super Finalists

D-moll promise they’ll do their best and make this country proud if they get chosen to go to Tel Aviv

Ivana has some interesting remarks… “My left eye is already crying… my right eye is waiting for Israel…” LOL 😀

This is going to be a really tough one to call… sometimes with super finals there is a very obvious choice, but here it’ll be interesting to see which is the great draw for a votes… an upbeat pop song in English, or a more subdued entry in the national language

I must say though, I’m surprised Andrea Demirovic isn’t among the super finalists… I know she’s got a lot of fans amongst Eurovision lovers after her Moscow 2009 entry. I can only think maybe the staging was a bit too avant garde for Montenegrin public

Only 2 minutes left to vote Crna Gora! Hajde!

Keith Mills just got a shout out on Montevizija – I agree Keith, this is how you do a Eurovision selection!

Lines are closed. Montenegro, your Eurovision fate is sealed 😉

“Who will win, the light side or the dark side?” – I didn’t notice their outfits were so opposite as well as their songs!

Before the winner, a VT of what we can expect in Tel Aviv. I’ve never been to Israel before, I can’t wait!!

The suspense is killing me!! Stop teasing us, who is going to Tel Aviv!!

Before the result, the contestants are pulling numbers out of bowls… I missed a little earlier, but I think this is a lottery and someone’s about to win something. The perils of watching things over the internet when they freeze! 😉

I *think* whoever’s phone number has those numbers in it has just won a trip to Tel Aviv…

“Well, we’re done here, now all that’s left is to name a winner,” – Yes, so please do!

Or go to an ad break… fine… go! See if I care!! *sobs*

And we’re back… for a result, I hope!

Don’t they all look nervous..

And the winner is….

D-moll!! Heaven is going to Tel Aviv!!

Thanks for reading along tonight everyone, I’ve been James, this has been Montevizija, thank you and good night!

Author: James Scanlan
Source: RTCG
Image Source: RTCG

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  1. It’s great isn’t it? They present the songs at super fast speed but then drag out the results ! Wish they’d just get on with it so I can get to bed !

    • That’s what always makes me nervous about shows that get through the songs so quickly… makes me wonder what the other 2 hours will be filled with!

  2. The Montenigrens don’t mess about that’s for sure ! Got to be the fastest I have ever seen songs presented !

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