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OGAE Romania Cast their Eurovision Votes

OGAE Romania cast their Eurovision Votes. Who did they give their 12 points to? OGAE Romania Votes 1 point – Germany 2 points – San Marino 3 points – Azerbaijan 4 points – Sweden 5 points – Belarus 6 points – United Kingdom 7 points – Russia 8 points – Norway 10 points – Ukraine 12 points – Denmark We appear to be on […]

Eurovision Winner 2009 - Alexander Rybak for Eurovision 2015? - Photograph courtesy of Zimbio.com

Alexander Rybak plays London April 28th

Eurovision 2009 Winner Alexander Rybak of Norway, will be a judge and special performer at the 7th International Russian Contest in London on April 28th. The event will be taking place at the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall – RCM. This charitable project gives international participants the opportunity to perform […]

Belarus, Bondage and Rybak

Alyona – who will represent Belarus at Eurovision 2013 withe the song “Solayoh” – has released her official video of her entry. One was expecting a fiesta on the beach but what we get is mild bondage and Alexander Rybak for 2 seconds – blink and you will […]