Bulgaria Eurovision 2014 update. Photo : Wikipedia

Bulgaria – First Rehearsal – Day 3 – Only Mushrooms

Bulgaria ‘s Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankoulovand Stoyan Yankulov have 1st rehearsal of ‘Samo Shampioni” (Only Champions) In a stark contrast to Malta that comes before it – this is an uptempo drumbeat song. Styling Elistsa is in a striking white jacket with red rope decoration and Stoyan […]

Iceland – First Rehearsal – Day 3

Eythor Ingi had his first rehearsal at Eurovision 2013 of his song Eg A Lif (I am Alive). Eythor sings this song simply and beautifully. He starts with his back to the audience and rotates slowly. The backdrop scene has taken the theme from his preview video of […]

Valentina Monetta Rehearsal Picture - Photograph courtesy of © Dennis Stachel

Videos of Eurovision Rehearsals for San Marino and FYR Macedonia

Valentina Monetta of San Marino kick started her Eurovision 2013 campaign today in the Malmo arena. We reviewed her performance earlier – see below https://eurovisionireland.net/2013/05/08/san-marino-day-3-first-rehearsal-congratulations-ms-monetta-its-a-healthy-ball/ We now have the video of her performance (YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision) We reviewed the performance earlier today – see link below […]

Azerbaijan – Video of Rehearsal

Farid Mammadov took to the Eurovision stage earlier today We reviewed his performance on the below article https://eurovisionireland.net/2013/05/08/azerbaijan-first-eurovision-rehearsal-2013-reaction-of-the-week-so-far/ Now you can see the first videos of his performance (YouTube Video courtesy of Eurovision) What do you think of his performance? Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall […]

Despina Olympiou - Cypriot Eurovision Entrant 2013

Cyprus First Rehearsal – Day 2

Despina Olympiou takes to the stage for Cyprus in their first rehearsal at Eurovision 2013. With her first run through we also witness this years first use of the wind machine. Her song An Me Thimasai (f You Remember Me) is another ballad beautifully sung – if you […]