American Song Contest

#USA: American Song Contest Winner Might Attend Eurovision 2022

During ‘Eurovisión, el festival que quieres’, on RTVE, the Spanish national broadcaster on Friday morning, it was revealed that the winner of the inaugural American Song Contest might attend the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, in Turin.

The EBU’s Head of Communications, Dave Goodman, had the following to say:

“All states are going to take part. NBC is going to participate. It will be a multi-week event inspired by Eurovision. The US market is the largest in the world musically. It will be the music event of the year… We have been working on it for years to access the largest music market.

Well, next year’s winner may be in Italy too, because it is important for us to connect and have a global Eurovision brand and that is what we are seeing with our digital channels, that is why we have this program in the United States. Because every year everyone discovers the event, the contest through the internet.”

In what capacity the winner of the American Song Contest would appear has yet to be revealed, but it could be similar to when Junior Song Contest winners have previously appeared.

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix World

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