Amadine Bourgeois’ - France Eurovision 2013 - L’enfer et moi,

France – Amadine Bourgeois’ snippet available of “L’enfer et moi”

Eurovision 2013 French Representative Amadine Bourgeois’  – has released a minute’s clip of her song ” L’enfer et moi” with the remainder available on spotify. To hear the minute clip just click here And to hear the full song then you will need to go to Spotify here […]

Croatia: Mižerja Video for Eurovision 2013 released

Croatia – Mižerja video released

Croatian Eurovision 2013 representatives – Klapa s mora – have released their official video ” Mižerja” today. Filmed yesterday in the HRT studios in Zagreb, the band are looking like a six man version of Il Divo in matching dark suits with some dance moves that seem more Matrix than Men in Black. […]