Eurovision 2023

#Eurovision 2023: The highs and lows of France at Eurovision

During the build up to next week’s Eurovision song contest and whilst rehearsal coverage has been restricted this week, due to media access being closed to the first and second rehearsals, we at Eurovision Ireland decided to look back at the highs and lows at Eurovision of each country taking part this year . Today, we are taking a look at France.

When did France first enter Eurovision?

France were one of the first countries into Eurovision right from its inauguration in 1956, one of only seven countries to do that. In 1956, each country could send two entries, so France sent Mathé Altéry with “Le temps perdu” and Dany Dauberson with “Il est là”. In those days , only the winner was given a final position, there was no 2nd, 3rd, etc….oh the days of simplicity !

France’s high points at Eurovision

France have a good record at the contest , winning five times overall, although you have to go back to 1977 for their last win with Marie Myriam and “L’oiseau et l’enfant” when she won in London, UK.

France also won the contest in 1958 with André Claveau “Dors , mon amour”,1960 with Jacqueline Boyer “Tom Pillibi”, 1962 with Isabelle Aubret “Un premier Amour”. In 1969, Frida Boccara was a joint winner along with UK,Spain and The Netherlands, in the infamous year where Eurovision produced a tie break for the very first time ,but in those days, it was not certain how to work out a result giving one winner!France came very closed to achieving another win in 1991, in Rome, with Amina and “C’est le dernier qui a parlé qui a raison” , when Sweden and France tied in first place but Sweden were declared the winner based on the number of 10 point scores. Today, with the new rules, France would have won as they received points from more countries than Sweden.

In recent times , France came close to a win in Rotterdam 2021 with Barbara Pravi and “Voila “.

France’s low point at Eurovision

Perhaps France’s lowest point in the contest came in the 2014 contest in Copenhagen, when Twin Twin with their song “Moustache” came last with just 2 points .

In Turin in 2022 Alvan and Ahez with their Breton language song “Fulenn” were expected to do well, however, they finished 24th with just 17 points.

How will France do this year?

This year , France will be represented by La Zarra with her song “Evidemment”. She is one of the favourites to win this year. Can she bring a 6th victory for France ?

Let us know what you think of France at Eurovision by dropping us a line in the comments box . You can also catch up with all things Eurovision on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER feeds.

Author : Sarah Rudman

Source: Eurovision.TV ,FT

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