Eurovision 2023

#Eurovison 2023: A history of the Highs and Lows of countries at Eurovision.

Rehearsals are well and truly under way at the M and S Bank arena in Liverpool and while the first week’s rehearsals are closed to press and fan media ,meaning that we are unable to bring you our usual live blogs of the rehearsals, we at Eurovision Ireland decided to take a look at the highs and lows of each country competing in Eurovision this year. Today we are going to focus on Finland.

When did Finland first participate at Eurovision?

Finland debuted the contest in 1961 , with Laila Kinnunen singing “Valoa ikkunassa” . She finished 10th with 6 points.

Finland’s high point at Eurovision.

After several years of moderate placings , Finland stormed to victory in the contest in Athens in 2006, when the monster band, Lordi won the hearts and minds of Europe with their song “Hard Rock , Hallelujah”.

The closest Finland have come to another win, or even getting into the top 5 since 2006 was just recently in 2021 when Blind Channel, with their song “The Dark Side” reached 6th place in the Grand Final.

Finland’s low point at Eurovision

Finland have the unfortunate record of having quite a few low points , finishing last with the dreaded 0 points on three occasions , in 1963, with Laila Halme, 1965, with Viktor Klimenko and 1982 with Kojo . In 1968 Kristina Hautala finished last with 1 point.

There have also been more last placings in the Grand Final in later years. In 1980 , with Vesa-Matti Loiri , in 1990 with Beat ,1992 with Pave, 1996 with Jasmine and 2009 with Waldo’s people .

How will Finland do in 2023?

This year, Finland are represented by Kaarija , with his song “Cha, Cha, Cha and is a big favourite to win in Liverpool. The song is already hugely popular with many fans . Can Kaarija take Finland to a second Eurovision Victory this year?

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Author: Sarah Rudman

Source: YLE , Eurovision.TV, You Tube

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