Eurovision 2023

#Eurovision 2023 : A history of each country’s highs and lows at Eurovision.

Rehearsals are well and truly under way at the M and S Bank arena in Liverpool and while the first week’s rehearsals are closed to press and fan media ,meaning that we are unable to bring you our usual live blogs of the rehearsals, we at Eurovision Ireland decided to take a look at the highs and lows of each country competing in Eurovision this year. Today we are going to focus on Czechia.

When did Czechia first enter Eurovision?

Czechia, then known as Czech Republik, first entered the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007, represented by Kabat with their rock song “Mala Dama”. Unfortunately, they failed to qualify for the Grand Final. coming 28th with just 1 point .

What is Czechia’s highest point at Eurovision?

To date, Czechia’s most successful result came in the 2018 contest in Lisbon , when Mikolas Josef sang the nation to 6th place in the Grand Final with 281 points with his song “Lie to me”.

What is Czechia’s lowest point at Eurovision?

Czechia have had mixed results over the years, with several years of failing to qualify for the Grand Final , taking a break from the contest in between. Kabat finished 28th with one point in the Semi Final but in 2009 Gipsy .cz with their song “Aven Romale ” achieved the unwelcome record of 0 points in the Semi final and finishing last.

How will Czechia do in 2023 ?

This year, Czechia have sent Vesna , with their song “Sister’s Crown ” to Liverpool. The song is quite well regarded by many . Can Vesna succeed in getting Czechia to the Grand Final for the second successive year?

Let us know what you think of Czechia at Eurovision by dropping us a line in the comments box below.

Author: Sarah Rudman

Source : CT , You Tube

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