#BIRTHDAY: Brooke Scullion from Ireland is 24 today

#BIRTHDAY: Brooke Scullion from Ireland is 24 today

Did you enjoy the contest in Turin/Torino? Did you go? Did the city meet your high expectations? And, of course, did your favourites make it to the Grand Final out of those cut-throat semi-finals?

One highly tipped song didn’t actually make the cut, arguably beaten by less good songs. That came from today’s birthday girl Brooke Scullion. She made the most of her three minutes. sold her song to its maximum potential, and developed a very loyal following that gave her a spot on a certain dance show. She didn’t finish last in her semi-final, and she did get a maximum. Who cares, her fans know a star when they see one.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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