Eurovision 2021

🇸🇪 #SWEDEN: Melodifestivalen 2023 Grand Final Results In Full

SVT, the Swedish national broadcaster, revealed the full results during tonight’s Grand Final in Stockholm. The results were announced in two parts. The International Juries awards their points first, before the new App/Telephone scores were combined in the second part. The results in full are:

  • 1st Place: Loreen – “Tattoo” – 177pts
  • 2nd Place: Marcus and Martinus – “Air” – 138pts
  • 3rd Place: Smash Into Pieces – “Six Feet Under” – 112pts
  • 4th Place: Jon Henrik Fjällgren, Arc north feat. Adam Woods – “Where are you (Sávečan)” – 81pts
  • 5th Place: THEOZ – “Mer av dig” – 70pts
  • 6th Place: Kiana – “Where Did You Go” (Let go off all sorrows) – 76pts
  • 7th Place: Paul Rey – “Royals” – 57pts
  • 8th Place: Mariette – “One Day” – 51pts
  • 9th Place: Maria Sur – “Never Give Up” – 47pts
  • 10th Place: Panetoz – “On my way” – 47pts
  • 11th Place: Nordman – “Släpp alla sorger” – 44pts
  • 12th Place: Tone Sekelius – “Rhythm of My Show” – 20pts

The total number of votes made were 936,964. The total raised for Radiohjälpen was 1,584,404 kronor.

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: SVT

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