Eurovision 2023

#ICELAND:Söngvakeppnin Semi Final 2 :Live Blog from 20:45 CET 19:45 GMT

Good evening Europe. Good morning Australia! Reykjavik calling !

Tonight sees Iceland continue its search to find their act to send to the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool,UK . Last week saw Semi Final 1 , this week. we’re on to Semi Final 2 where a further 5 acts will compete for two places in next week’s Grand Final .Tonight’s hopefuls , are as follows:

  • Kristín Sesselja – Óbyggðir
  • Langi Seli og Skuggarnir – OK
  • Silja Rós & Kjalar – Ég styð þína braut
  • Úlfar – Betri maður
  • Sigga Ózk – Gleyma þér og dansa

Our hosts this evening are  Ragnhildur Steinunn Jónsdóttir, Siggi Gunnars and Unnsteinn Manuel Stefánsson. You’ll get to know and love them as we progress throughout the evening .

Please join me, Sarah , as we go through en evening of fun and music from Iceland.You know the drill by now folks, to get updates on my thoughts on the acts, just REFRESH THIS PAGE !

You can watch tonight’s show live HERE


You’re just a bit early ! 🙂 Come back in a few minutes at 20:45 CET ,19.45 GMT for the fun and action in Iceland

And welcome back ! Just tuned into the live link and we’re just near the end of the Icelandic news . The Icelandic language takes some getting your head around !

The weather man …he’s a happy looking soul ! :Icelandic weather looks a bit on the cold side tomorrow .

Oh, here we go, think the show is about to start …..or perhaps not ! still on an advert break!

Here we go…onto the show and the show gets underway with a song . That’s a very bright red outfit , with a hairstyle looking a bit like one you’d see at Junior Eurovision !

We meet out hosts , who explain the proceedings tonight .Tonight’s results will be decided by 100 % televoting.

Lots of banter from the hosts, think we are about to hear the songs now !!!About time too !

Úlfar – Betri maður

Ulfar is first up this evening . He starts on the stage sat in a chair and looks like he’s borrowed Greece’s staging from last year ,with the chairs turned upside down . Joined on stage by contemporary dancers . He then stand on a chair for the final chorus . For me it’s an ok performance but it just seems to lack something to give it that winner vibe . Not bad for a starting song .

Kristín SesseljaÓbyggðir

The introductory postcards between each song have the performer of the next song talking about their lives. Kristin is in all white , with a long frilly dress, joined by two violinists and a celloist on stage. Now this has been highly rated in previews but although the stage backdrop is impressive and the vocals are good, song wise, it reminds me a bit of Eimear Quinn’s “The Voice” in 1996.Have to say I didn’t enjoy it that much , it just doesn’t seem to go anywhere.I get that it’s good sometimes to send something a bit different but I really can’t see the crowds in Liverpool responding to this .

We’re getting some time in the Green room now and a chat with the first two performers, they both seem happy with their performances .

Ireland are getting a mention !!….the hosts are referring to Jedward and showing clips of their song Lipstick, which they sang for Ireland in 2011.

Followed by a Medley of Soldi ( Italy 2019 ) and La’det swinge ( Norway 1985) .

And we have an advert break ! I suppose with only 5 songs , they have to fill in the time somehow.

Langi Seli og Skuggarnir – OK

Older viewers and fans of Eurovision will love these guys !They are a bit like Iceland’s answer to Sweden’s Arvingarna ! It’s really got a 1960’s feel about it and those who remember that era will love it . The three guys are on stage , black leather jackets giving them the cool look. It’s very much in keeping with something the Beatles might have done back then and given that the contest is going to be at the home of the Beatles, this might go down a treat with the audience there!

Silja Rós & Kjalar – Ég styð þína braut

Silja and Kjalar are the modern day version of Grete Salome and Jonsi ( Iceland 2012).Impressive backdrop of broken glass and blue white strobe effects. It’s actually quite a lovely song and their vocals are in harmony with each other. This deserves to qualify.A nice performance .

Sigga Ózk –Gleyma þér og dansa

Sigga starts off o stage , dressed in red, with hair tied up .She’s sat on a stoll, then is spun round by one of her backing dancers.She’s joined by 4 casually dressed backing dancers.It’s a lively up tempo number but Sigga needs to engage a little more with the camera, most of the votes at Eurovision will come from TV viewers after all! The stage backdrop changes colours constantly throughout the performance. It’s a lively song but for me a little bit on the repetitive side . Will probably qualify as it’s the liveliest performance we have seen tonight.

So that’s it! You have seen all five songs! We’re back in the Green room now and seeing interviews with the final 3 performers .Who do you think will be the two qualifiers?I’m going to stick my neck out and say Sigga and Silja Ros & Kjalar !

We’re getting a recap of the acts now .Voting is underway.And we have…….you guessed it ! Another advert break !

We’re back ! Looks like we’re seeing some interviews with the people working backstage .

Another recap …..

The hosts are wishing they could be certain Eurovision stars and by magic , changing into the costumes of the said former Eurovision stars , Hera Bjork being one of them .

Unnsteinn is performing an updated version of Iceland’s 2000 entry “Tell me”

Hopefully we’re getting a result soon ….The hosts are still playing for time by reminiscing on former participants at ESC and Songvakeppnin .

Another recap ……..Hopefully we’re going to get a result soon.Voting is now closed.

We have another advert break !

Back again …….I think we might be getting a result … last !

Sigga has qualified to the final !

Second qualifier is …….

Lagi Seli og Skuggarnir with their song -Ok …the old guys did it !!!

So that’s it folks, next week it’s the Grand Final .Do you think Iceland have a winner ? Let us know what yoy think of tonight’s result by leaving us a comment below .

Good night Europe, Good morning Australia

Author : Sarah Rudman

Source: RUV

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